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Songwriter and singer. First song collection published 1966 included 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes' which are now internationally known. Peter has worked full time in music since 1982. Fifteen albums of his songs and hymns have been published. Winner of Declan Affley Memorial Award - best new song at Australian National Folk Festival for 'The Deaths Go On'.

  • Albums for adults include many ballads on significant people, scripture based songs on themes of justice and peace and a number of hymns as well. Albums include: "Make Me a Song... (The Best of 25 Years); ''A Gift of Song', 'The Common Good' and 'Islands of the Heart' (now available on iTunes)

  • Albums for children: 'Celebrate Me Day', 'Growing in God', 'All the World Is Sacred' and 'Celebration Plus'. Peter's song 'This Is Our School' has been adopted by hundreds of Australian Catholic Schools as a school song.

  • For more information on these song collections and on Peter.
    go to: CD& Music Information and Biography

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Peter is mainly known for his CDs of songs for justice and peace ... and songs used in church liturgies and religious education. In recent years he has also made DVDs after walking two 700km+ sections of the pilgrimage paths known as the Camino de Santiago (to the burial place of St. James the Apostle).

Each DVD goes for about 85 minutes Ė combining music with Peter's narration and photographs. Beautiful landscapes, old villages and towns, interesting pilgrims. Useful information on Camino practicalities.

1. WALKING THE CAMINO (Spain). St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Santiago.
The most popular route. Peter's first Camino DVD.

2. ULTREIA - a CAMINO in FRANCE. Le Chemin de St. Jacques.
Le Puy to St. Jean Pied-de-Port. A new DVD.
Peter walked this route last year. Fewer people walk the French path but it is just as ancient, interesting and beautiful.
Ultreia DVD cover

The DVDs cost $25 + $3 postage (1 DVD) / or $50 + $6 postage (2 DVDs).

ORDERS: Order through Peter's online store. The link for the store as a whole is: 
Click on the DVDs section. My CDs are also available through the same website. OR send your order with cheque made out to 'Crossover Music' to Peter Kearney, PO Box 496, Mittagong, NSW 2575. (Australian orders only)

"Easily the best account of the Camino Iíve seen. Peterís selection of music, his language and voice accompany a brilliant array of photos". (John Dawson)

"Peter has a great eye for a photo, and a wonderful way of conveying meaning in word and picture". (Richard)

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In the live Camino shows, Peter provide commentary while photos and music are played from a large-screen television. At conclusion there is a ten-minute Q&A session. Previously there have been many of these live presentations in quite a spread of locations - the Southern Highlands, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra. Peter is happy to receive invitations for further presentations in 2016. He brings my own large screen television. All that's needed is a suitable venue - eg large room, small hall or chapel.  He limits seating to around 35 per session so that all attending have a good view of the screen. Invitations welcome via email: camino

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L-R: Roma Dix (flute), Peter Kearney (guitar, singing & narration) & Catherine Mahony (vocals) who presented 'Good Morning Good People' in Bowral, NSW on June 16, 2013. This is the concert that was recorded for the new double-CD. It was a fundraiser for the National Braille Music Camp held in Mittagong each year. Catherine Mahony, the female vocalist, attended the first two Braille Music Camps twenty six years ago.

NEW CD VERSION: An excellent recording of 'Good Morning Good People' as it is now. Guitar, flute, male and female vocals. This is the 'small scale' version that has been developed through over a hundred performances in Australia, Ireland and the U.K. Narration by Peter. The atmosphere is intimate, focused, the sound crystal clear.  It includes interesting new stories about Francis.

Cost $30 + $3 P&P within Australia.
To order (including from outside Australia) and pay online follow this link:

OR post cheque or money order made out to 'Crossover Music'

to Peter Kearney, PO Box 496, Mittagong, NSW 2575

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The image above is a collage of Dorothy Woodward paintings used as the 'cover' image

for my 'Peter Kearney Songs' Facebook Page.


Links now lead from this website to my new online store

powered by 'Aradium' an excellent Australian site. There you will find:
* a storefront with display and information for my CDs, DVDs, Books & CD-Roms
* a variety of secure payment options including Paypal.
* an option for Schools and Churches in Australia to place an order without pre-payment

Visit 'Peter Kearney Songs' online store

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* I-TUNES & CD BABY Digital Downloads

Some Peter Kearney CDs are now available for audition

and digital download through iTunes & CD Baby

direct from CD-Baby
or via iTunes Store

direct from CD-Baby
or via iTunes Store
direct from  CD-Baby
or via iTunes Store

direct from CD-Baby
or via iTunes Store

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Now available in digital formats

  • 1980s Cassette Albums available as Custom-CDs
    Some may be interested to replace my 1980s cassette-tape albums with custom-CDs.
    These albums were: 1. Turn It All Around 1984  2. Where Is Your Song my Lord? 1985
    3. Signs of Hope 1986   4. The Year of God's Favour? 1988.
    A custom-CD is individually produced on an archive quality Taiyo-Yuden disc. The disc with printed label comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case with colour cover showing the original artwork. Order Online.


  • Out-of-print Music Books available as Custom CD-ROMS for
    Over the years, several music books for Peter's songs have gone out of print. Now they are available again as CD-Roms containing pdf files for all contents in the original books (music, lyrics, background notes, cover art, illustrations etc). Titles available so far: Songs of Brotherhood 1966, Where is Your Song, my Lord 1978-85, Turn it All Around 1984, Signs of Hope 1986, Celebration 1987, The Common Good 1993. A CD-Rom is also available for the songs on the double-CD compilation 'Make Me a Song' (The Best of 25 Years). A custom-CD is individually produced on an archive quality Taiyo-Yuden disc. The disc with printed label comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case with colour cover showing the original artwork. For orders, email or phone. Order Online.

The word 'custom' means that the CD, DVD or CD-Rom is individually produced on request rather than mass-produced. Archive quality Taiyo-Yuden discs are always used for burning. The disc comes
in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.
Custom-CD Image

Cassette albums from the 1980s are now available (all songs in original sequence) as Custom-CDs. These titles are: Turn It All Around (1980); Where Is Your Song, my Lord? (1985); Signs of Hope (1986); The Year of God's Favour? (1988)

Out of print music-books are available as Custom-CDRoms containing pdf files scanned from cover and all pages of the original book. The CD-Rom contains a file for the whole book and separate files for individual songs. These titles are:
Turn It All Around (1980); Where Is Your Song, my Lord? (1985); Signs of Hope (1986); Celebration (1987); The Year of God's Favour? (1988); The Common Good (1993); All the World is Sacred (1996)