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Fifteen tracks including 'Song for the Educators'
Peter Kearney - vocals & guitar
 with Kevin Hunt on keyboards

Available as CD & CD-Rom with music, lyrics, photos etc


1. SONG FOR THE EDUCATORS ... a new version of one of Peter's most popular songs - often used as a staff-prayer-reflection at the start of a new school year or term.
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 CHORUS: Can we show the face of Jesus to the children in our caring love?
Can we show the face of loving to the people in our care?
Can the mystery of God's world be revealed in the commonplace?
In an unjust world can we show the Kingdom's way?
In a lonely world can we show the loving way?   

2. Celebrate Me Day ... Peter's gift for 'Rainbows Ireland'. The Rainbows movement helps young people to 'healing through hope' following the experience of loss through death in the family or separation of parents.
Let's celebrate me. Let's celebrate you - coming through the storm.

3. Love Shone Down ... A lovely modern Christmas Carol

4. Sadako from Hiroshima ... Robin Mann's beautiful song about the little girl who made paper-cranes in the hope of recovering from leukemia.

5. Percy Mumbulla ... Peter's musical setting of fine flight of words by Christine Smith about her friendship with a remarkable Aboriginal elder and mystic.

6. There Is a Quiet ...  A powerful poem about Mary MacKillop by Josephite sister, Patricia Mary White. Set to music by Peter.

7. Always There - Father Ted ... Peter's tribute to Fr Ted Kennedy of St. Vincent's Church, Redfern. Ted and Peter were friends for forty years.

8. Journey to Change ... Written for a group of young people travelling to Zambia.

9. Keeper of the Shrine ... A ballad on one man's struggle for the rights and dignity of workers.

10. One in Love, One in God ... A catchy song / chant for Eucharist

11. Love is Starting Over ... Peter wrote this for his brother John and wife Christine who married in 2003. For both John and Christine this was a second marriage.

12. Gather Round this Table ... A wedding mystery-song in the context of Eucharist.

13. The Love Light ... Peter's song for his son Jason and wife Ellen on the occasion of their marriage.

14.  Sophie You're a Star ...  for Jason & Ellen's daughter Sophie. A simple chant of celebration.

15. God is Good ... "God is good. I am good. Life is good". A song of affirmation