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     - Concert for Parish or Retreat -
                 Stories from a forty year friendship
                  Songs of justice & reconciliation

Peter Kearney writes: I first met Ted Kennedy in 1966 and was encouraged by him to write my first folk-hymns including Fill My House and The Beatitudes.  I later wrote many songs of justice and reconciliation inspired by Ted’s ministry at St. Vincent’s Parish Redfern. If facilities are available, this presentation will be accompanied by photos via PowerPoint projection

Fr. Edmund Campion – from Sydney Morning Herald Obituary, 2005:
TED KENNEDY (1931-2005): “Father to the poor and the dispossessed …the friendly face of the Church for thousands of Aborigines as he spoke the truths of their loss to the conquerors' world. He is survived by his sister Marnie and the Aborigines who took this white priest into their hearts and made him part of their own story”.


Concerts in the Dioceses of Sydney, Parramatta, Broken Bay, Maitland-Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra-Goulburn can be 'day trips' for Peter at any time of the year.
Other regions would need to be included in a tour.

Phone Peter (02) 48712284 / Mob 042 5328185

Peter has been writing and singing for over forty years.
‘The Beatitudes’, ‘Fill My House’, and ‘Where is your Song, my Lord’ are among his best known early compositions. Peter has been a full time musician since 1982. He has travelled Australia and overseas to share his hymns, songs and stories. Fourteen albums of his music have been published. The ‘As One Voice’ hymnal has several of his compositions including ‘The Magnificat’, ‘The Story We Share’, ‘Come Now Holy Spirit’ and ‘We Welcome this Child’.



“Peter has the special gift of making the stories and message of Jesus
relevant to our modern daily life."
 (Fr. Val Patterson MSC.)

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