Concerts in general ...

Concerts depend on invitations. Most invitations arise from the initiative of an individual who takes an idea to the parish council or the school staff or a conference organising committee or ....  My concerts are not grand events. A 'concert' might be a singing concert for adults (average 30 people) or an audio-visual presentation on 'Walking the Camino' or a concert with the school choir presented for the whole school. The venue might be a parish hall or a church or a school hall ... or someone's home. I might be singing for an agreed fee or I might be taking my chance on door takings or a combination of the two. I'm flexible and I realise that the people who invite me are not professional concert organisers. That's the way it's always been and, glad to say,  I've got by OK. I've enjoyed being invited for hundreds of small scale events all round Australia, in Ireland and in the UK. These days my concerts are usually within a day's drive of my home in Mittagong NSW. But there are other possibilities. I'm glad to receive enquiries that may or may not become invitations. P.K.

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