Walking the Camino (Spain)

Peter's DVD about his 700+km walk along the Camino. Weaving narration and photos with appropriate music. Duration - 80 minutes. "Easily the best account of the Camino I have seen. Peter’s commentary and selection of music accompany a brilliant array of photos.”  (John Dawson)
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Ultreia! - Camino in France

Peter's second Camino walk. Le Chemin de St. Jacques - a 700+km Camino in France (Le Puy-en-Velay to St. Jean Pied-de-Port) is just as ancient, interesting and beautiful as the Spanish path. Yet it is different in many ways and there are fewer people walking it. The DVD (87 minutes) contains music with photographs and spoken commentary by Peter.
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Surprising Ireland - Deeper Home

A DVD for those who find in Ireland a deeper home. Accompanied by lovely Irish music, it features Peter's narration, with photos taken while Peter and his Irish wife were living in Ireland for four years. Duration: 77 minutes. What a land is Ireland! I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD.  Every bit of it""(Mary)
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Good Morning Good People (1994)

The 1994 Mittagong concert heard on the double-CD ‘Good Morning Good People’, was filmed. In response to requests, a DVD has been made available for purchase. Please read the cautionary note - click on DVD image or title. Buy this DVD in Peter's online store.
Also available: Double CD - Good Morning Good People 1994 / Illustrated Script - Good Morning Good People 1994

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