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 New songs for faith-education and liturgy.  Suitable for use in schools and parishes.  Whole kit includes: 1. Main CD; 2. Music Book; 3. Resource Book for teachers and liturgists; 4. CD with backing music only.
Includes 'The Parting of the Ways'' (A Graduation Song). Click here.

  • MAIN CD: Sung versions. Twenty one tracks. Featuring the voices of Peter Kearney , soloists and choirs.
  • MUSIC BOOK: Melody and chords. Lyrics in large print -suitable for creating overhead transparencies. Illustrations by Dorothy Woodward.
  • TEACHER RESOURCE CDRom: Ideas for uses in Religious Education & Liturgies
  • BACKING TRACKS CD: Ideal for use as accompaniment for singing or as background music to prayer and reflection, PowerPoint presentations etc.

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Track List
Making of this CD
Comments by others
Preface by Peter Kearney


1. Opening: - Trumpets as prelude to the singing of Celtic prayer: "We will light three lights for the Trinity. God above us, God beside, God below us deep and wide. Trinity of Love"

2. Trinity of Love - Like a Sign-of-the-Cross in song easily learned by all ages.. "In the name of the Father who cares for us. In the name of the Son who shares with us. In the name of the Spirit whose name is Love... "

3. Jesus Our Brother and Friend - A simple, deep and touching song- "Jesus our brother and Jesus our friend, living and dying and rising again; calls us to follow along in his way..."

4. Jesus Was a Storyteller - A friendly presentation of the parables of 'The Prodigal Son' and the 'Good Shepherd' to illustrate the chorus-theme: "Our God's a loving God".

5. We Are God's Family - A contagiously joyful gathering song that children (and adults) love to sing. Two encounters with the Holy Spirit "burning within our hearts"... from after the death and resurrection of Jesus. Verse one deals with the 'Emmaus' journey and verse two with 'Pentecost'.

6. Offering Song - Ideal during the Offertory procession. "With this bread and wine we offer all we have to give. We bring our lives before you Lord... to be offered up with You, to be offered up by You.

7. Love is My Only Law - Based on the 'one commandment' of Jesus: "With all your heart, with all your strength to love. To love the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself... Love is my only law... love is the way."

8. Born Anew - One of Peter's earliest songs, written 1966 with 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes'. Recorded here for the first time. A song of tolerance, unity in diversity: "Make me your brother, sister and friend. Make me a part of your life till its end. Accept me in full, whatever I be- whatever my race, whatever my creed."

9. This Is a Sacrament -"This is a Sacrament, an ordinary sign of God's great love. Oil and water bread and wine- the ordinary signs of God's great love". The four verses are a journey through four Sacraments - their symbols and significance: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation.

10. Seven Gifts of the Spirit - A powerful, atmospheric song (suited to procession, liturgical movement) suggesting the awesome coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. In the lyrics the 'seven gifts' are given their modern names: Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage, Understanding, Right Judgement, Reverence, Awe and Wonder, along with brief descriptions of their significance.

11. Ashes to Easter - A rare Lenten song, anticipating Easter. "From Ashes to Easter the journey we sing- from Summer to Autumn, from Winter to Spring. From Ashes to Easter life is returning out of the darkness and into light." An alternative 'Alleluia' chorus is provided for use after Easter.

12. The Story we Share - One of Peter's most requested songs, often used for community/parish/school celebrations, anniversaries and so on. Previously only available on Peter's 'in concert' album 1991. Re-recorded here with children and adult choirs.

13. Simon, Son of John - This recording was heard originally on Peter's 'Turn it All Around' album (1984). A simple song: three questions from Jesus and three answers from Peter (us). "Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?" "Yes Lord I do, you know I love you". "Take care of my lambs..."

14. Mother Mary - Each verse addresses Mary by a different title: Mother of Jesus, Mother of Courage, Mother of Patience, Mother of Justice, Mother of Sorrows. The song journeys through Mary's life revealing her as both a woman of flesh and blood and of exemplary strength and virtue. Could be sung/ played for Mothers Day as well as Marian feasts.

15. Parting of the Ways (Graduation Song) - A song that teachers have often asked Peter to write. Intended for use at those important end-of-year Graduation celebrations & Masses as students move from Primary to Secondary School (or from Secondary to the wider world). The verses are sung by the students who are leaving while the choruses are sung by the farewelling community: ie. teachers, parents, younger students. A deeply moving song that could be adapted for other 'farewell' occasions.

16. Walking on the Path - This could also be a graduation song:
"Walking on the path of wisdom, loving and truth. Following Your way, I walk it every day; as You guide I'll know my way". A song with two contrasting sections; older students especially enjoy singing this one.

17. Resting in God - On prayer and the intimate presence of God. "Resting in God, resting in silence." The song should help to create a quiet, prayerful atmosphere.

Concert Favourites: Tracks 18 and 19 are included because they are all time favourites with children participating in Peter's school and family concerts.
18. Take Me for a Ride in your Basin, Jason
19. Televisionland

20. Lord of the Dance - Peter's version of the classic folk-hymn, written by his favourite songwriter 'Sydney Carter'. Children love this song and their parents usually remember it from their childhood with great affection.

21. Together as One - Surely one of Peter's most useful songs ever. A song of gathering and celebration, ideal for the start of Mass or any important occasion: "Together as one, together as one- a people of life and a people of faith. We gather in love, together as one. Come together, come let us gather together as one."


RECORDING: Recorded at the Little Portion Studio, Welby, NSW. Produced, arranged and mixed by Peter Kearney.

SINGERS: Children's choir from St. Thomas Aquinas School, Bowral. Director Jenny Hamilton. Adult choir. Soloists: Lucy Reynolds, Louise Cassidy, Claire and Felicity Parkhill, Helen Archer, Christine Tilly, Michael Spencer.

MUSICIANS:  Trumpet: Jeremy Donaldson. Flute: Roma Cooper. Clarinet: Mark Biasutti; String Quartet: Dal Oldham, Anne Speer, Christine Jarcewski, Christine Barnett.

COVER ARTWORK: Dorothy Woodward


"Thanks for your great new CD. I have just enjoyed a wonderful hour listening to it. I especially like ‘Jesus was a Storyteller’, ‘This is a Sacrament’ and ‘We are God’s Family- to mention just some of the new ones. And I was delighted to hear again one that was so popular at Sunday School in Haberfield in the 60s/70s- ie. ‘Born Anew’. That first verse is so relevant for this time. I was also very happy that you included ‘Lord of the Dance’- a great favourite". (Gil Long)

"Lovely to listen to and easy for the children to sing along with.". (Liselle Thorburn)


"It doesn’t usually happen like this, but ten of these songs came over a couple of days at the end of April 2001. I was at home by myself that weekend so I prepared for a ‘song-writing-retreat’. At the kitchen table I set up guitar, tape-recorder and laid out a note-book into which I had noted some concepts and themes common to various religious education programs: God, Jesus, Easter, Faith Community, Prayer, Sacraments and so on. I began with meditation and returned to prayerful silence at intervals throughout the weekend. Melodies and the words arose and I shaped them as best I could. First came the song beginning this album- the one about Trinity, that mysterious intuition of the nature of God coming down through our Christian dreaming through many generations. (God is surely Mother as much as Father but generally I stayed with traditional images.) Then came ‘Jesus Our Brother’ and ‘God’s Family’, the ‘Sacraments’ song, ‘Storyteller’ and the one about the Law of Love. The words formed the melodies and the melodies formed the words ... more or less complete. I did what I could without striving and didn’t look back. On the Sunday, slowing down, I recorded another four songs: ‘Resting In God’ (the mood of the day), ‘Seven Gifts’, ‘Ashes’ and ‘Offering’. On Monday, the usual busyness overtook me. It was a couple of weeks before I even listened to the tape but I felt a quiet trust in these small creations. Countless hours have been spent since, arranging, recording ... without adding much. Hopefully the songs will be heard, sung and shared. May the Essence shine through small worlds of beauty and meaning. In faith, hope and love". (Peter Kearney, June 17, 2003 )