Christmas Family Concerts 2019

Late November - December

A season of Christmas Family Concerts with Catholic primary schools. I have been leading these concerts for many years. Schools have found that the concert I offer is refreshingly different, enjoyed by children and parents. By booking such a concert, pressure can be relieved on teachers in the end-of-year period. Perhaps your school would be interested?

See below for more information on the event I offer.

Cost is based on school size.

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* Let me know how many children at your school. I will get back to you with a $ quote.

Please feel free to phone me at 0425 328 185 if you have any queries.
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Peter Kearney



PREPARATION: The children become familiar with the songs before my visit. In early Term 4, I send a PRACTICE CD containing twelve songs. The songs are a mixture of Australian, contemporary and traditional carols. They provide a meaningful yet enjoyable program to reflect on the deeper meaning of the approaching feast.  In the same package I include a RESOURCE-CD containing PowerPoint files and MsWord files for lyrics of the twelve songs, plus music (useful to some) and a PDF booklet of song-guide-notes for teacher(s).

PARTICIPATION: I know that schools usually like to involve all their children in such an important occasion. From my experience over many years with schools of all sizes, I know that this inclusive goal can be achieved. For example, in a large school there could be two or three (or even four) groups presenting sections of the concert with me.  Or sometimes a core-group on stage will be joined by extra groups.

DAYTIME WORKSHOPS: On the day of the concert, I conduct intensive yet enjoyable workshop/ rehearsals with the children. My aim is to animate the performance of the songs. In an initial session I teach a senior-group a variety of percussion and tuned percussion parts to enhance the meaning and drama of the songs. (I bring an interesting array of percussion and tuned-percussion instruments.) Then before and after lunch we are joined by the singing-groups who are encouraged to dramatise the songs through simple yet effective actions (which I teach on the day). Through my expertise and experience I know that, provided the children already know the songs, a great deal can be achieved as we bring together a very presentable and engaging concert with full participation of the children.

EVENING CONCERT:  The children share 'the stage’ with me throughout. I involve the audience in some songs as well to create a warm community celebration. I link the program with brief reflections on the Advent/Christmas theme. The concert usually ends with a traditional carol and nativity procession. A concert beginning at 7.00pm would usually conclude at around 8.30pm.

VENUE: My strong preference is for an indoor concert—usually a hall or church. I will consider a covered outdoor venue such as a COLA, but have learned to avoid outdoor events exposed to the weather. Workshop venue and evening concert venue need to be on the same premises - eg a school and adjacent church. I don't want to be re-packing my van with instruments and equipment and driving to another venue to start setting up again. My day-evening is already long and intense enough.

PA SYSTEM: In the concert venue I set up my own high-quality PA system.

OTHER HELP PROVIDED: I supply attractive posters and artwork complete with the details of the event—to help create awareness and anticipation of the event. I provide Thinking it Through a booklet of organizational guide-notes, which has been found to be helpful. 

COST & CONDITIONS: Cost is based on school size. I will provide a proposal and quote after receiving your enquiry. The fee covers advance materials and consultations, daytime rehearsals, evening concert, provision and set-up of PA equipment. A tax-invoice will be sent in advance of the event, in the name of Crossover Music ABN 69 308 697 361. The full fee is payable on or before the day of the concert. Once a firm booking has been made, a 60% cancellation fee applies.

Our arrangement assumes that it will be OK for me to set up a table where my CDs/ tapes/ music books can be on display and available for purchase at the concert (without intruding this aspect on the spirit of the occasion). As I travel without an assistant I request the help of an adult attendant for the sales table at the concert.

RECOMMENDATIONS from years past:
“The process of preparation in the weeks before Peter’s visit, the workshops on the day of the concert culminating in the early evening concert were an unqualified success. Parents are still talking about the quality of the evening and the way it brought us all together in a joyous celebration of Christmas and the school year”. (Niel Carey, Principal, St. Matthew’s School, Windsor, Sydney)

“Absolutely brilliant- it was the best concert. Parents, friends and community members have commented on how beautiful the evening was. The way the percussion session was organised during the day was excellent. I was amazed that the children learnt their parts so quickly and were so excited to be playing on an instrument.... A great idea to send the songs/ words/ music in advance. The children knew the songs really well and sang beautifully.” (Robyn Roland, St. Joseph’s School, Collingwood).

I was originally a teacher before moving full-time into music-making.
Through hundreds of workshops and concerts in Australia and Ireland I have had wide experience of working with children of all ages.
Fifteen albums of my songs have been published. Several of my titles are included in the As One Voice hymnal.
My compositions include ‘This Is Our School’, often sung as a school song.
For more information, visit my website.

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