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Peter Kearney's most popular collection ever.
Songs written 1970, recorded in 1985.
Originally published as cassette-tape and music-book

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Project History


1. The Song Of The Lord's Traveller's: - Relating the Exodus story to our own lives

2. Come To Me: - "Come all of you here who are weary and I will give you all the rest you need"

3. Good You Were: - Whatever you do for the least . . . you do for me

4. A Conversation: - Based on the story of the disciples meeting the stranger on the road to Emmaus

5. Resurrection : -An Easter song with images of the seasons.

6. The Beatitudes: - "Blessed are the poor in spirit..." Originally published in 'Songs of Brotherhood' 1966

7. Good Morning Good People! - (The Greeting of St. Francis). This song is also title song of Peter Kearney's folk-oratorio 'Good Morning Good People! - St. Francis of Assisi- A Journey in Song.

8. Martha and Mary: - The active and the reflective - two sisters and two sides of us.

9. Fill My House: "Fill my house unto the fullest. Eat my bread and drink my wine..."- Peter's best known song/ hymn, originally published in 'Songs Of Brotherhood' 1966

10. A King In Rags: - The poverty of Jesus - born in a stable, slept by the roadside, numbered with thieves

11. Where Is Your Song My Lord? - Recorded live at the Sydney Opera House with choir and small orchestra!

"Unlike most contemporary liturgical music around, these songs are genuinely folk songs and as such have their own special appeal. I recommend them for your parish folk group, for your school, for your retreat team or for your own personal prayer."
(Fr Kevin Bates)

Notes by Peter Kearney

RECORDING: Recorded 1985 at Restless Studio, Balmain, Sydney. Engineer Roger Ilott. Musicians and singers include: Claire Parkhill, Linda Berry, Peter Kearney, Roger Ilott, Penny Davies, Jan and Steve Arie.

COVER ARTWORK: Karin Donaldson

These songs were among 18 songs written in a sustained burst of creativity in late 1970, while I was living in Basildon, Essex, U.K. in 1970. This was just four years after the writing of 'Songs Of Brotherhood' but in the meantime, I had travelled overland from Australia to England, a trip which took me through 20 countries over a period of 6 months. My original title for this collection of new songs was 'Songs Of The Lord's Travellers'.

At the time the songs were written, I was teaching in a Comprehensive (Secondary) School in Basildon. I taught some of the songs to the students and spent alot of time arranging the songs for voices and instruments (especially recorder consort). These arrangements would be used many years later in the final recording, 1985.

The new songs weren't published till 1978 (music book only) by J. Albert & Son., Sydney, who had previously published 'Songs Of Brotherhood', 1966. I chose nine of the original eighteen songs for publication. But by this time the religious music market had become very crowded and the new songs made little impact.

Really, these songs were not effectively published until 1985 when tape and music book were released by Crossover Music. At this stage the collection was given a new title: 'Where Is Your Song, My Lord?'. The title song was 'in demand' after being featured in liturgical music evenings at The Sydney Opera House and Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne during 1984.