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Peter Kearney

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BACKGROUND & INSPIRATION: The title 'God of the Mess' and content of this song were inspired by a conversation with Fr. Paul Hannah. At the time of my visit, Paul was Parish Priest in the Holy Family Parish of Mount Druitt in Western Sydney. It is one of twelve tracks on my CD 'The Common Good'. The version heard here was re-recorded and mastered for the second edition of the CD.
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Peter Kearney

Apart from 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes' this is probably the song of mine that is most widely used. It is sung by many schools in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland - perhaps in other countries too. One Irish school, Castlemartyr National School in County Cork, has been singing this song since I first visited the school in 1989. They have even quoted a line from the chorus on a big signboard outside the school - as can be seen in the track image.

The second verse here includes the name St. Joseph's School. But I have recorded custom versions of the the song for many different schools to include their school names. My favourite was a recording I did for a school in the Northern Territory:

Everyone is special and everyone's important
In St. Francis of Assisi School, Humpty Doo!

Believe it or not it does sing quite nicely.

I am still available to record custom versions for other schools. See Related Resources below.
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Peter Kearney

'Born Anew' is from my first collection of songs, 'Songs of Brotherhood'. These fourteen songs were published in 1966 by J. Albert & Son, Sydney. The publication was music-book only. None of the songs was recorded by me at that time. Later, in 1985, I recorded the two most popular songs, 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes' for my album 'Where Is Your Song, my Lord?' .

BORN ANEW was not recorded until 2003 and that is the version heard here. It was included on my album 'Growing in God' (CD & Music Book).

In revisiting the song, I made some changes to the original lyrics - partly to avoid gender-exclusive language,.
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  1. #01 BORN ANEW


Peter Kearney


I wrote this song for a National Catholic Education Conference held in Canberra.

It is a song that asks many questions. It has often been used for staff prayer at the beginning of a school year or term. Perhaps also on World Teachers Day (late October).

Despite use of the word 'Educators' in the title, I think it could be relevant to other caring professions.

There was an earlier recording of the song, but this is my preferred version, with renowned musician Kevin Hunt playing piano and synthesiser. It is included on my album 'A Gift of Song'. Scroll down to see related resources.
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Peter Kearney


This is one of my earliest songs - previously unpublished.

After graduating from Sydney University and in the two year period between writing 'Fill My House' and travelling 'overland' to England/Ireland, I wrote many songs. Most were not hymns, but related to life themes in general. 'Seasons of Life' was popular with friends at that time. It is a simple song with a rather melancholy feel (not unusual in my work). I recorded it in early 2019.
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A simple, reflective video  created by Maria Joseph of St. Monica's Parish, Kangaroo Flat in Victoria. Much of Australia is in serious drought and country people are doing it tough. Maria asked permission to use my song as a soundtrack and I was happy for this to happen. Through the month of November 2019, her sequence was played as an after-communion reflection in her local church. 
NB. The song 'Seasons of Life' begins 18 seconds into the video. PLAY VIDEO


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