Where an item is described as a CD or DOUBLE-CD it is a commercially manufactured CD with the usual features - printed disc label, colour cover booklet, back tray insert with track list. 

Whereas a CUSTOM-CD is individually produced for your order. The music tracks will be burned onto a high quality disc with a printed label. The disc will come to you in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover featuring the original album artwork. On the inside cover you will find track list, album credits etc.

A Gift of Song - CD
  • A Gift of Song - CD
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ALSO AVAILABLE - 'A GIFT OF SONG 'CD-ROM: contains pdf files for song melodies, lyrics, chords, background notes & photos].

The audio-CD contains fifteen tracks. See track list below. Some songs written as gifts for special occasions, for family, good people and good causes. This album includes 'Song for the Educators' often used as a staff prayer-reflection at the beginning of a new term or school-year. In the 8-page cover-booklet you will find photos and background notes related to the songs.

Peter writes: "In recording this CD I was privileged to have input from Kevin Hunt on keyboards. In 1999 Kevin was awarded the Mo Award for Australia's 'Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year'. He toured regularly with the late Don Burrows".


  1. SONG FOR THE EDUCATORS / Often used as staff-prayer-reflection at the start of a new school year or term.

  2. CELEBRATE ME DAY / "Let's celebrate me. Let's celebrate you - coming through the storm".

  3. LOVE SHONE DOWN / A lovely modern Christmas Carol

  4. SADAKO FROM HIROSHIMA / Robin Mann's beautiful song about the little girl who made paper-cranes in the hope of recovering from leukemia.

  5. PERCY MUMBULLA / Peter's musical setting of fine flight of words by Christine Smith about her friendship with a remarkable Aboriginal elder and mystic.

  6. THERE IS A QUIET / A powerful poem about Mary MacKillop by Josephite sister, Patricia Mary White. Set to music by Peter.

  7. ALWAYS THERE FATHER TED / Peter's tribute to Fr Ted Kennedy of St. Vincent's Church, Redfern. Ted and Peter were friends for forty years.

  8. JOURNEY TO CHANGE / Written for a group of young people travelling to a third-world country.

  9. KEEPER OF THE SHRINE / A ballad on one man's struggle for the rights and dignity of workers.

  10. ONE IN LOVE, ONE IN GOD / A catchy song-chant for Eucharist.

  11. LOVE IS STARTING OVER / Celebrating a second marriage.

  12. GATHER ROUND THIS TABLE / A wedding song in the context of Eucharist.

  13. THE LOVE LIGHT / A song written by Peter for his son's marriage.

  14. SOPHIE YOUR A STAR / A simple, short chant to one special person, or more people in turn .

  15. GOD IS GOOD / A song of affirmation. "God is good. I am good. Life is good".

COMMENTS: "The idea of 'a gift of song' really appeals. Songs marking the dedicated larger contributions of others but also the simple contributions of the small - all those little stars shining out in the goodness of the everyday. I like the theme of the stars shining out - as in 'Love Shone Down' but also in 'The Love Light'. Very moving. I found that many songs on the album moved me to tears, especially 'Always There, Father Ted'. (Jan)

"Well-crafted songs and polished productions." (Gordon Biok)

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Make Me a Song - Double CD
  • Make Me a Song - Double CD
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"MAKE ME A SONG..." (The Best of 25 Years 1966-1991): A double-CD with 36 songs compiled from Peter's  tape-albums of the 1980s and early 1990s.  These albums were * 'Turn it All Around' 1984 (8 tracks included), * 'Where is Your Song, my Lord? 1985 (8 tracks included), * 'Signs of Hope' 1986 (all 10 tracks included) * 'The Year of God's Favour?' 1988 (8 tracks included). * Plus two extra tracks, 'Makers of Peace' and 'What a Time to Go to War'.

1. The Beatitudes. / 2. Fill My House / 3. The Song of the Lord's Travellers / 4. A Conversation / 5. Resurrection / 6. Martha and Mary / 7. Where is Your Song, my Lord? / 8. A King in Rags / 9. The Man God Chose / 10. Isaiah 58 / 11. No Right to Crush God's People / 12. A Confession to Jesus the Poor / 13. Heal Me, Help Me, Save Me / 14. Unless the Grain of Wheat Falls / 15. Come Now Holy Spirit / 16. Hiroshima, Never Again! / 17. What a Time to Go to War / 18. Makers of Peace /

DISC TWO: 1. John and Jesus / 2. To See the Light / 3. Signs of Hope / 4. My Daughter My Son / 5. Black Is / 6. Start From Here / 7. George Zabelka / 8. Love is Not a Crime / 9. All Aboard the Ark / 10. Lead Me to Hope / 11. Rock of Ages - Uluru / 12. Living in this Country / 13. The Promised Land / 14 When the Morning Comes Again / 15. The Year of God's Favour / 16. Advertising Man / 17. Letter from Risdon Prison / 18 Start From Where You Are

COMMENT: "Peter Kearney's songs contain a poignant message, but that message strikes you deep in your own heart rather than beating you over the head". (Rev. John Queripel) 

NB. The full cassette albums mentioned above are now available in digital format as custom-CDs. Each CD contains all tracks from the original album, in the sequence they were heard there.

ALSO AVAILABLE - MAKE ME A SONG CD-ROM: The CD-Rom contains pdf files for melodies, lyrics, chords, some piano arrangements & background notes for 34 of the 36 songs on the 'Make Me a Song' audio-CDs.

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The Common Good - CD
  • The Common Good - CD
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Mainly acoustic, folk style songs with strong lyrics. Songs with themes of social justice and compassion. Twelve tracks. Lyrics in cover booklet.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney:

  1. The Song Behind the Songs / Gathering up the longings of the human race as if into one great song.

  2. The Common Good / with lyrics that attempt a brief summary of Catholic social teaching.

  3. Mercy is One of God's Names

  4. God of the Mess / "God of the mess that we're in, you still bless us and feel every bump when we fall"" .

  5. We Welcome This Child / A song often used for baptisms.

  6. Father Mother God / A contemporary reflection of the Lord's Prayer.

  7. Highways and Byways / A jaunty account of the history and mission of the Missionary Sisters of Service - a small Australian order who answer "the call of those beyond".

  8. Still To Come The New Creation / "The Earth is groaning in the pain of giving birth".

  9. The Search / A poem with soundscape - a look at human history in and out of relationship with God.

  10. My Eye Has No More Tear / Looking at poverty and suffering in our world and asking 'why?'.

  11. I Could Not Make The Flowers Grow / Paul Smith wrote the words of this song shortly before his death. He was a homeless man.

  12. L'Arche Prayer / An adaptation of the beautiful prayer from the L'Arche communities which give welcome to people with intellectual disability.

COMMENTS: "These songs see the presence of God in the ordinary things of life. Peter Kearney brings such people as 'the man on the dole who drinks down defeat' (God of The Mess) into the orbit of the care of God. These are songs which are grounded in normal life. They recognise the pain and joys of life, common struggles and successes and the simple yearning of people to know where God is to be found. Whether a song of justice, the celebration of welcome for a new baby (We Welcome This Child) or a scathing critique of the human denial of God (The Search), these songs find me in the mess I call my normal life." (Rev. Dr. Kim Miller, Anglican Priest)

"We at Quakers Hill Catholic School found The Common Good a breath of fresh air. It bridges the gap between children's music and adult themes. Our children responded strongly to the messages of justice and the very real lyrics. (Maria Boyd)

ALSO AVAILABLE: 'THE COMMON GOOD' - MUSIC CD-ROM: The music book for this album is out-of-print but is still available in digital form. The CD-Rom contains pdf files for melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes for all songs in 'The Common Good' audio-cd,.

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Islands of the Heart - CD
  • Islands of the Heart - CD
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Fifteen tracks. Songs of the heart. Songs of justice and compassion. Stories in song.

TRACK LIST - Peter Kearney's notes on the songs:

  1. On a Day Like This / A bridge walk for reconciliation.

  2. Islands of the Heart / "Guided only by our longing, looking for a place to start- pilgrims are we all to the Islands of the Heart". A tribute to Ireland and other 'deeper homes'.

  3. Rise and Shine Road - A light-hearted song of life's journey.

  4. Here's To You, Mum and Dad / An affectionate tribute to my parents... and yours perhaps.

  5. Housewarming Song / An upbeat song.

  6. Nothing More, Nothing Less / A song of love, gratitude and fidelity.

  7. The Water of Life

  8. Window on the Stars / The story of Lieutenant William Dawes, astronomer with the First Fleet 1788.

  9. Once a Shearer, Now a Shepherd / A song with a suitably country feel - commissioned by his friends as an ordination gift for Mark Croker - late vocation, down-to-earth priest and reluctant prophet.

  10. Someone Knows My Name / A song for Amnesty International.

  11. Joy to the World, Jubilee / Protesting the 'murderous debt' carried by the world's poorest countries.

  12. Bright Pearl Shining Path / A ballad telling of the life and death (1991) of Irene McCormack, an Australian Josephite sister who went to work in Peru.

  13. Where To Now Edmund? / Conveying something the life and spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers

  14. The Harvest - An Offertory processional song. I have put music to words by Dawn Smith of Cowra.

  15. My Name Is Love / "My Name is Love and love is all I teach you. Believe me I can reach you if you only make My way."

COMMENTS: "An acoustic, strongly lyrical, folk-style album. Peter Kearney has a way to weave a musical story and the stories woven here are sure to lift the human spirit". (Rev. John Queripel - ‘Insights’ Magazine)

"The album feels like it's rooted in community. It is about basic and yet fundamental, invaluable, easily overlooked connections. An aptly named album because it is so warm". (Mary)

ALSO AVAILABLE - MUSIC BOOK: The 'Islands of the Heart' Music Book is still available. It contains melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes for all fifteen songs.

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Easter Carols - CD
  • Easter Carols - CD
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A simple reflective CD. Seven traditional Easter Carols. Four songs by the great English songwriter Sydney Carter (1915-2004 - the man who wrote 'Lord of the Dance'). Plus 'Ashes to Easter' by Peter Kearney and 'O Jesus Crucified' by Richard Connolly & James McAuley. Features an excellent trio of female vocalists (Catherine Mahony, Louise Cassidy, Claire Michael) with Peter's voice and guitar. The guitar played by Peter is a fine instrument, hand-made by Bill Kelday, a Scottish luthier

LYRICS: There is no music book for this album but those purchasing the CD will be provided with online access to the lyrics.


  1. The Bellman's Song (Traditional)

  2. And All in the Morning (Traditional)

  3. The Holly and the Berry (Traditional)

  4. Judas and Mary (Sydney Carter)

  5. Bitter Was the Night (Sydney Carter)

  6. Son of Man (Sydney Carter)

  7. Mary's Wandering (Traditional)

  8. Friday Morning (Sydney Carter)

  9. O Jesus Crucified (Richard Connolly & James McAuley)

  10. Love is Come Again (Traditional)

  11. Easter Eggs (Traditional)

  12. Ashes to Easter (Peter Kearney)

  13. The World Itself Keeps Easter Day (Traditional)

COMMENTS: "I have listened to 'Easter Carols' through twice and find it very powerful. I described it to a friend as "the stations of the Cross in music". The lyrics of these carols make me think outside the square. They pose questions and concepts for a Lenten journey. My son (17 years old) and I listened to Friday morning together in the car. His comment was "wow". But that is a big comment from a lad of few words". (Bronwyn)

"Thankyou for the CD of Easter Carols. You chose well and you present them with a beautiful simplicity. I especially treasure that simplicity in your treatment of ‘O Jesus Crucified’. Its words are beautifully direct and deserve to be to the fore. Thank you for understanding that in your performance, which is so true to them that one almost thinks twice about using that word ‘performance’ at all". (Richard)

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How Far to Bethlehem? - CD
  • How Far to Bethlehem? - CD
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TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs

  1. HOW FAR TO BETHLEHEM? Also known as the "Children's Nativity Carol'. The Nativity, seen through the eyes of children as they approach Bethlehem for a visit to the stable.

  2. VIOLET IN THE SNOW - One of the more enduring of contemporary carols. "When it all began, God was so very far away...".

  3. COME LOVE CAROLING - Sydney Carter's simple yet profound song about Mary, carrying the baby within her, pondering: "I wonder at the Maker who can be before the world and yet a child of me."

  4. DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? The message of the Saviour's birth is passed from the humble to the high and mighty.

  5. CHRISTMAS WHERE THE GUM TREES GROW - A delightful Australian Christmas Carol by Lesley Davies: "Christmas in Australia's hot, cold and frosty's what it's not."

  6. CHILD OF THE MORNING - A little known traditional carol. "Brightest and best is the Child of the Morning - dawn on our darkness".

  7. AT CHRISTMAS (GOD BECAME LIKE US) - Based on a poem by a 12 year old child and set to music by Peter Kearney.

  8. MARY'S SONG (THE MAGNIFICAT) - Peter's musical setting of Mary's powerful words. A new recording - Claire Parkhill sings with her daughter Felicity.

  9. THE FOURTH WISE MAN - A brilliant, entertaining poem written by Dermot Dorgan.

  10. CHRISTMAS IN THE SCRUB - Leigh Newton's catchy song pictures the Australian animals celebrating the birth of God.

  11. THE VIRGIN MARY HAD A BABY BOY - A West Indian carol with an infectious beat.

  12. THE CHRIST CHILD LAY - Lovely lyrics by the famous English writer G.K. Chesterton, set to music by Peter Kearney.

  13. THE TINSEL FROM OUR EYES - "Let us take the tinsel from our eyes- see the kind of day this could be". Written by Peter Kearney.

  14. THE TENDEREST TIME - Christmas can be a painful, lonely time for some. A thoughtful ballad by Peter Kearney.

  15. STANDING IN THE RAIN - A challenging song by Sydney Carter about Joseph and Mary seeking shelter in Bethlehem. No room at the inn.

  16. REFUGEE CAROL - The Holy Family as refugees fleeing to Egypt to escape the merciless Herod.

  17. TWO THOUSAND YEARS AWAY - Another thought provoking song by Sydney Carter. A dialogue in song.

  18. BREAD AND FISHES - Picturing Joseph, Mary and Jesus as they travel through the world and though the ages. "We have bread and fishes and a jug of red wine to share on our journey with all humankind.

COMMENTS: "Beautiful and fresh ... unlike any other Christmas collection."

"The Christmas album is especially magical. Many thanks.”

"An interesting reflection - how far to Bethlehem? Have we made any progress in comprehending the magnitude of the Incarnation?"

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All the World is Sacred - CD
  • All the World is Sacred - CD
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An album with special appeal for children and those who are young at heart. Sixteen enjoyable folk-style songs for faith-education and celebration. Reflective songs on a variety of themes. A couple of songs just for fun.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney

  1. Come Let us Sing / 'And when we 're singing we're praying".

  2. All The World Is Sacred / "This world is holy, hallelujah. Surely all the world is sacred in my eye."

  3. All Thank God / Fun to sing. Naming many unique Australian creatures.

  4. When I Pray / Where, when and why we pray.

  5. The True Magician / Not about trickery but 'true magic'. I wrote this song after reading 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson-Burnett.'

  6. Jesus Laughed / A light-hearted song."Who were the friends of Jesus when he walked upon the Earth?"

  7. I'm a Birdy / Just for fun.

  8. Looking For The Seed / Celebrating the great potential of each person. "Earth is the soil. God is the sun. I am the seed."

  9. Living In The Land Of Australia / Celebrating tolerance and diversity in multicultural Australia.

  10. Mary In Black / A dramatic song telling three episodes in the life of Mary MacKillop.

  11. Who's That?! / How do we treat each other in school? A light-hearted way to look at some behaviours that detract from a happy environment.

  12. Dry Bones / A lively setting of the message of the prophet Ezekiel, comparing people who don't love to 'dry bones'.

  13. Rain In The Air / Fun to sing. Playing with sounds and words.

  14. A Bridge In The Sky / The rainbow is a favourite symbol for children . A song of hope.

  15. The Christ Child Lay / A setting of the beautiful poem by G.K.Chesterton. A song for Christmas.

  16. Then We Go In Your Peace / A prayer-song, ideal for Reconciliation or as Recessional

COMMENTS: "It is refreshing to find a CD such as 'All The World Is Sacred' in which just about every song has a use in the classroom and school. (Susanne Schmidt)

"What a truly spirit-stirring, prayerful collection of songs - greatly loved by children and teacher!” (Meg)

"Yet again, Peter Kearney has presented us with a gift of music and lyrics with a universal message against a vibrant Australian mural. When I use one of these songs to support my lesson, it's like adding splashes of colour to a black and white sketch". (Carmel)

"Beautifully alive ... resonates with with rhythm and richness of an Australian spirituality ... A great teaching resource easily used and adapted to many themes." (Bernadette)

MUSIC - ALSO AVAILABLE: The 'All the World is Sacred' -Custom CD Rom: contains pdf files for all song melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes (no audio). The original music book is out-of-print but can still be obtained in this digital form.

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Celebration+ - CD
  • Celebration+ - CD
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Peter Kearney's first collection especially for children. The CD cover booklet contains song lyrics. A popular and widely used album. Includes 'This Is Our School' which has been adopted by hundreds of Australian schools as a school song.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Celebration - CDRom: contains pdf files for melodies, lyrics, chords etc for tracks 1-11, 13-14.

TRACK LIST & Notes on the Songs

  1. Celebration / A song with a joyful swing - ideal as a Processional hymn.

  2. Peter Was A Fisherman / A question and answer song about those crucial time when Jesus' disciple said "no" or, more importantly, "yes".

  3. Mary When You Were a Girl / A simple ballad on the childhood of St. Mary MacKillop of Australia, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

  4. What's The News!? / In snappy 'media' style, witnesses (Peter, Mary, the Disciples) sing their reports on the resurrection of Jesus.

  5. Pentecost / The verses tell the story of Pentecost Sunday

  6. Thankyou God For Loving Me / A simple song written for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  7. Peacemaker / A song often used in preparation for Reconciliation.

  8. This is Our School / Adopted as a school song by hundreds of schools throughout Australia. [NB. The second verse includes a school name. Peter can do a special recording of the song to include YOUR school name. Place an order:

  9. Joseph / A rare and useful song about St. Joseph.

  10. One More Step / A song children making the transition from Primary to Secondary school (other transitional occasions too)

  11. The Swan / Peter's setting of a child's poem.

  12. Take Me for a Ride in your Basin, Jason / A novelty song that children love.

  13. The Wee Tot / Guaranteed to raise howls of laughter. A song with a Scottish origin, playing on the double meaning of that little word 'wee'.

  14. Televisionland / Among children,Peter's most popular concert song - about a land where people watch television all the time.

  15. Football Crazy / A traditional song about Paul who is crazy about football.

  16. Together as One / A joyful song of gathering.

ORIGINAL FOREWORD BY GRAHAM ENGLISH Peter Kearney is a giver of gifts. For over twenty years Peter has been giving Australians his songs. At the beginning there was 'The Beatitudes', a melody now known by thousands. Since then, to those Christians involved in the struggle for peace and justice he has given two anthems 'Unless the Grain of Wheat Falls' and his 'Magnificat' (My Soul is Praising the Lord).

In the last few years Peter has travelled widely within Australia, from the Opera House in Sydney to parish halls in the most out-of-the way country towns giving pleasure and inspiration, singing his songs in concerts, teaching them in schools and leading people in meditating on the place of the Christian message in their lives. The music of Peter Kearney is always based on a desire for peace and justice and on an identification with the poor and the outcast. It is witness, too, to his belief that God has no cultural cringe. God is HERE, revealed, and always has been while ever there have been people in this vast, empty, quiet land and on the noisy, crowded coast most of us choose to occupy. That God is here is no news to the Aboriginal people. Peter Kearney's songs help to remind the rest.

Peter Kearney's songs owe much to European tradition; at the same time they touch Australian concerns in language and music we can understand. The songs in 'Celebration' are for children. They are intelligent songs, never coy. They are meant to be enjoyed. I hope that you accept Peter Kearney's invitation and celebrate with his songs.


This Is Our School - Custom recording to include your school name in verse 2.

This Is Our School - Musical Parts Book (vocal and instrumental parts):

Musical Resources CD: – Backing tracks & audio for musical parts as found in the This Is Our School - Musical Parts Book

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Good Morning Good People! -  Double-CD (1994)
  • Good Morning Good People! -  Double-CD (1994)

Good Morning Good People! - Double-CD (1994)

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ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI - A JOURNEY IN SONG A cycle of seventeen songs with musical and narrative links. It tells the life-story of St Francis of Assisi in a deep yet entertaining way . A live recording of a concert during the premiere season, Mittagong 1994. Features narrators (David Shapiro and Wendy McMahon Bell), solo singers (Peter Kearney, Claire Parkhill, Helen Archer) with community choir and orchestra. In two parts - total duration two hours. The CD comes with booklet of song lyrics.

ALSO AVAILABLE AS: DVD - Good Morning Good People 1994: lLLUSTRATED SCRIPT - Good Morning Good People 1994

TRACK LIST: DISC ONE / 01 Introduction / 02 The Welcome Song / 03 Narrative Song 1 - Birth / 04 Narrative Song 1 - The Dream / 05 The Changes Song / 06 Narrative Song 3 - The Cave / 07 Cave Music / 08 Who Shall I Trust? / 09 The Leper's Song / 10 Francis and the Lady Poverty / 11 Good Morning Good People! / 12. The Mountain Song

TRACK LIST - DISC TWO / 01 On the Mountain / 02 The Valley People's Song / 03 Clare's Song / 04 Sister Bird / 05 The Minstrels of God / 06 The Wolf of Gubbio / 07 Make Me an Instrument / 08 The Shadow Song / 09 La Verna / 10 Canticle of the Sun / 11 Good Morning Good People_2 / 12 The Dance Goes On

SYNOPSIS: After introductory music and 'The Welcome Song', we hear of the lively youth, his ideals, his imprisonment following capture in a local war. 'The Changes Song' tells of depression following his release, his solitary searching for meaning. Then, the challenge and discovery of God through an encounter with a leper in 'The Leper's Song'.

His embracing of the leper leads on to the adoption of a radically simple lifestyle, symbolised in his betrothal to the 'Lady Poverty'. He discovers his mission to bring news of God's Kingdom to the people. This is announced with energy and joy in the song 'Good Morning Good People!'. Others are inspired to join him in his way of life. The first half closes with 'The Mountain Song'. Francis and his brothers are lifted up in their newfound love of God.

An important theme of the second half is the tension Francis feels between 'Mountain' (the joys of solitude and contemplation) and 'Valley' (active involvement in ordinary life). Unable to decide what is his way, Francis trusts the decision to the prayers and discernment of Clare. The issue and the special relationship between them is explored in a song that Clare sings to Francis.

Directed to the Valley, Francis sings farewell to Sister Bird ('bird of my soul') and goes down to the troubled world of the Valley People, entering into dialogue with them in 'The Circle Song'. He comes up against desperate, hard-headed, hard-hearted forces in 'The Wolf of Gubbio' and 'The Shadow song'. Troubles follow from the rapid growth of the Order.

Eventually, 'wounded and weary' he follows the path of suffering to the mountain of 'La Verna' where the experience manifested in the stigmata takes place. The account of his final months is interwoven with the 'Canticle of the Sun' and a reprise of 'Good Morning Good People!'


"Cleverly written and produced, each turning point in the life of St. Francis of Assisi is masterfully executed. (Highland Post)

"Good Morning Good People tells the story of Francis in an authentic and inspiring manner, and for me it was a spiritual experience. Peter Kearney has immersed himself in the life of Francis and captured the essence of Franciscan spirituality. His lyrics reflect his depth of understanding and spiritual insight." (Pina - Secular Franciscan)

"I value the way it cuts through all the sentimentality about Francis that seems to have accumulated over the centuries. It is like seeing through to the person, Francis, with all his disturbing, challenging and vulnerable faces. There is so much here that is refreshing and inspiring."(Joan Saboisky)

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Good Morning Good People! - Double CD (2013)
  • Good Morning Good People! - Double CD (2013)
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ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI - A MUSICAL NARRATIVE. This is the small-scale presentation of 'Good Morning Good People!' that was developed through more than a hundred performances in Australia, Ireland and the U.K. It is an excellent recording of a concert in Bowral June 2013.

Peter Kearney narrates, plays guitar and sings. Catherine Mahony sings the parts of St. Clare, the Leper and Lady Poverty and adds lovely harmonies throughout. Roma Dix's flute dances between.

In recent years, many have enjoyed the 'small-scale' version of GMGP for its clarity and focus, its intimate, reflective atmosphere, and for stories it tells of Francis that were not included in the 1994 version.

This new CD becomes a 'companion album' to the original GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE (1994) CD: which recorded the 'large scale' presentation featuring a cast of 60+ including two narrators, various soloists, community choir and orchestra.

TRACK LIST : DISC ONE / 01. Introduction / 02. A dancer on wounded feet / 03. The Welcome Song / 04. From earliest days / 05. The Dream / 06. Changes Song / 07. His world turned grey / 08. Who Shall I Trust / 09. The Leper’s Song / 10. The turning point of his life / 11. Francis and the Lady Poverty / 12. The Gospel is heard / 13. Good Morning Good People! / 14. So Francis came to Assisi / 15. First companions - Rome / 16. The Mountain Song /

TRACK LIST - DISC TWO / 01. On the Mountain / 02. The Valley People’s Song / 03. Clare’s Song / 04. Francis and Clare / 05. Sister Bird / 06. Your gift is for others / 07. The Minstrels of God / 08. The Wolf of Gubbio / 09. Francis and the Sultan / 10. Troubles in the Order / 11. Make Me an Instrument / 12. The Shadow Song / 13. La Verna / 14. And he sang in his pain / 15. Canticle of the Sun / 16. Conclusion

BACKGROUND NOTES by Peter Kearney: ‘Good Morning Good People’ has been the 'big work' of my creative life. In the early 1970s, after reading a book on Francis, I wrote the title song. Over many years, more songs were written. By 1994 I had completed scores for orchestra and choir and a narrative text. A cast of sixty or more presented several concerts in Mittagong, Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. The first double-CD (1994) recorded that large scale version - a special time impossible to repeat.

‘Good Morning Good People’ has continued, in a different way, through over a hundred ‘small scale’ performances in Australia, Ireland and the UK. The narrative script has evolved in my own voice and with new stories. The orchestra has become Roma Dix’s flute and my guitar. Catherine Mahony has honed her solos and harmonies through many rehearsals and concerts. My thanks to Roma and Catherine and a generous patron, a lover of Franciscan spirituality, for making possible this second double-CD of ‘Good Morning Good People’. (Peter Kearney)

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Signs of Hope - Custom CD
  • Signs of Hope - Custom CD
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Songs of hope in a contemporary context. Recorded with the 'Crossover' Group.

CUSTOM CD: This album was originally published as cassette-tape. It is now available as a custom-CD, individually produced. High quality discs are used. The disc comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs:

  1. John And Jesus / The justice message of John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus.

  2. To See The Light: / "God is like the sun, we were meant to come into the light."

  3. Signs Of Hope: / Based on the writings of Brazilian Bishop, Dom Helder Camara.

  4. My Daughter My Son / A song that is often used for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

  5. Black Is: / Peter's setting of poem of 'black pride' by Aboriginal poet, Maureen Watson.

  6. Start From Here / Jesus weeps over Jerusalem (Hiroshima, Sydney?).

  7. Love Is Not A Crime / A story of civil disobedience on Easter Sunday morning.

  8. George Zabelka / Telling the story of the Catholic Chaplain to the crews who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He later became a peace activist.

  9. All Aboard The Ark / A light-hearted celebration of the L'Arche communities which give a special welcome to intellectually disabled adults.

  10. Lead Me To Hope / Lead me to hope, love, faith and peace ... Ideal for congregational singing.

COMMENT: "These songs take on the grim realities of human oppression, the nuclear threat and environmental pollution but are themselves 'signs of hope'. The imagery is rich and stimulating and the tunes reflect the joy of a follower of St. Francis of Assisi." (Val Noone, Melbourne)

MUSIC - ALSO AVAILABLE: The 'Signs of Hope' Custom CD-Rom: Contains pdf files with melodies, chords & lyrics for the ten songs, plus background information on the songs.

ALTERNATIVE AUDIO: All ten songs from 'Signs of Hope' are included on MAKE ME A SONG... (The Best of 25 Years) a double cd compilation (36 tracks):

ALTERNATIVE MUSIC: Music notation for all ten songs is included with twenty-four other songs on MAKE ME A SONG CUSTOM CD-ROM.

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Turn It All Around - Custom CD
  • Turn It All Around - Custom CD
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Twelve songs for peace and justice. including settings of scripture passages - especially from the prophet Isaiah. The music is folk style, featuring guitar and recorders by Peter Kearney, mandolin, harp, violin and keyboards by Nic Lyon. Lead vocals by Peter Kearney and Claire Parkhill.

The songs in this collection were inspired by Peter Kearney's association with Fr. Ted Kennedy and the Parish of Redfern, an inner city suburb of Sydney.

Originally published as cassette-tape. Now available as a custom-CD, individually produced using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney

  1. The Man God Chose / The Song of the Suffering Servant - Isaiah 52:14 - 53:12

  2. The Magnificat - Mary's Song

  3. Isaiah 58 / "Now I'll tell you the fast that is pleasing to me- to break unjust fetters, let the captives go free".

  4. No Right To Crush God's People / Strong sayings from the Prophet, Isaiah.

  5. Simon Son of John / Three questions from Jesus - three answers from Simon-Peter.

  6. A Confession to Jesus the Poor / A penitential song for rich people and rich nations.

  7. Heal Me, Help Me, Save Me / "You are all part of one body, so you can't be healed by yourself."

  8. Unless The Grain Of Wheat Falls / Seeking hope in the midst of tragedy.

  9. Come Now Holy Spirit - Setting of the old Latin hymn 'Veni Sancte Spiritus'.

  10. Refugee Carol / Joseph, Mary and Jesus as refugees. The flight into Egypt etc.

  11. Hiroshima, Never Again! - A graphic account of August 6, 1945.

  12. The Prayer of St Francis - The Peace Prayer of St. Francis: "make me an instrument of your peace."

The Prayer of St. Francis is also included as 'Make Me an Instrument' in Part 2 of GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE - Peter Kearney's folk-oratorio on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Two versions of GMGP are available on Double-CDs. 1. Good Morning Good People 1994 (original large-scale version with choir, orchestra and soloists:
2. Good Morning Good People 2013. This is an evolved small-scale version with Peter Kearney (singing, narration & guitar), Catherine Mahony (female vocals) and Roma Dix (flute).

COMMENTS: "Kearney is a gifted singer-songwriter whose work manages to combine strength with sensitivity, and challenge with compassion. There is no hint of the maudlin, anaesthetic pitch that so often infects so called 'religious music'. Rather, a maturity of faith and contemporary reflection informs all of these songs, most of which are scripturally based." (Terry Callahan, Melbourne)

ALSO AVAILABLE: TURN IT ALL AROUND - CUSTOM CD-ROM: It contains pdf files for music, chords, lyrics and background notes for all twelve songs.

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Where Is Your Song My Lord? - Custom CD
  • Where Is Your Song My Lord? - Custom CD
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Peter's best-selling album ever. Includes his best known compositions 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes', also the well-loved hymn 'Where is Your Song my Lord?', recorded live at the Sydney Opera House.

This album is available as a custom-CD, individually produced'using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney

  1. The Song Of The Lord's Travellers / Telling the Exodus story and relating it to our own lives.

  2. Come To Me / "Come all of you here who are weary and I will give you all the rest you need".

  3. Good You Were / Whatever you do for the least of little ones, you do for me.

  4. A Conversation / Based on the story of the disciples meeting the stranger on the road to Emmaus.

  5. Resurrection / An Easter song with images of the seasons.

  6. The Beatitudes / "Blessed are the poor in spirit..." Originally published in 1966.

  7. Good Morning Good People! (The Greeting of St. Francis) / This song is also the title song of Peter Kearney's folk-oratorio 'Good Morning Good People! (St. Francis of Assisi- A Journey in Song).

  8. Martha and Mary / The active and the reflective - two sisters and two sides of each one of us.

  9. Fill My House / "Fill my house unto the fullest. Eat my bread and drink my wine..." Peter's best known song/ hymn, originally published in 1966.

  10. A King In Rags / The poverty of Jesus - born in a stable, slept by the roadside, numbered with thieves.

  11. Where Is Your Song My Lord? / Recorded live at the Sydney Opera House with choir and small orchestra.

COMMENTS: "Unlike most contemporary liturgical music around, these songs are genuinely folk songs and as such have their own special appeal. I recommend them for your parish folk group, for your school, for your retreat team or for your own personal prayer." (Fr Kevin Bates SM)

"They are in no way instant songs, quickly learned and as quickly forgotten. Words and music together take root gently but firmly and grow to become part of people's very lives. They have been used in liturgy, in hospital, in prayer groups, in school assemblies. They express the gladness and sorrow, the hope and anxiety of every human heart. Try them and you will see." (Sr. Eileen Carroll, UK)

ALSO AVAILABLE: WHERE IS YOUR SONG MY LORD? CD-ROM: Contains pdf files for melodies, chords, piano arrangements and lyrics for all songs.

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The Year of God's Favour? - Custom CD
  • The Year of God's Favour? - Custom CD
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A challenging album about Australia - the land, its people, its history, identity and spirituality. This folk-style album has a special concern for the suffering of Aboriginal people. Includes two prizewinning songs, 'The Deaths Go On' and 'Start From Where You Are'.

This album is available as a Custom-CD, individually produced using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs

  1. Rock Of Ages/Uluru / Symbols of hope and reconciliation for Australia.

  2. The Year Of God's Favour / From Isaiah 61 : 1-2.

  3. Hope For The Tree / Based on a homily by Pope John Paul II for a large gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - Alice Springs 1986.

  4. Living In This Country / "Living in this country is like living with two souls: one is new and shiny, the other dark and old..."

  5. The Deaths Go On / On Aboriginal deaths in custody. This song was awarded the Declan Affley Memorial Award for the best new song at the Australian National Folk Festival.

  6. When The Morning Comes Again / A lullaby of hope in despair.

  7. Bill: An Australian 'Christ-figure'? . . . Peter's setting of a poem by Henry Lawson

  8. No More Boomerang / Phyl Lobl's setting of a poem by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker).

  9. Advertising Man: A scathing loo k at the advertising industry and consumerism.

  10. Letter From Risdon Prison / Based on a letter from Karin Donaldson, written while she was in Risdon Prison Hobart after being arrested during blockades to save the Franklin River.

  11. Start From Where You Are / A song of hope and encouragement.

  12. The Promised Land / A prayer in the context of Australian history.

COMMENT: "The Year Of God's Favour? is more than just a well produced album of quality songs. At a time when Australians grappling with questions left unanswered for over 200 years, this album presents a perspective that is founded in Gospel values of justice, compassion and hope." (Br. Peter Green)


THE YEAR OF GOD'S FAVOUR? - MUSIC BOOK: Contains music, chords, lyrics & background notes for all 12 songs.

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Growing in God - Main CD
  • Growing in God - Main CD
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Songs and hymns based on basic themes of the Religious Education curriculum. Suitable for prayer and reflection, school and parish liturgies. Includes songs for graduation and confirmation.

ALSO AVAILABLE - Music Book: // Backing Music CD:


TOGETHER AS ONE / A song of gathering and celebration, ideal for the start of Mass or any important occasion. Trinity of Love / like a sign-of-the-cross in song. Easily learned by all ages.

PARTING OF THE WAYS (a Graduation Song) / The verses are sung by the graduating students while the choruses are sung by the farewelling community: ie. teachers, parents & younger students.


JESUS WAS A STORYTELLER / A friendly presentation of the parables of 'The Prodigal Son' and the 'Good Shepherd'.

WE ARE GOD'S FAMILY / Suitable as a gathering song. Verse one deals with the 'Emmaus' journey, verse two with 'Pentecost'.

OFFERING SONG / Could be sung during Offertory procession.

LOVE IS MY ONLY LAW / Based on the 'one commandment' of Jesus: "To love the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself".


THIS IS A SACRAMENT / Four Sacraments - their symbols and significance: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation.

SEVEN GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT / A stirring song (suitable for procession & liturgical movement) suggesting the awesome coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

ASHES TO EASTER / A rare Lenten song, anticipating Easter.

THE STORY WE SHARE / One of Peter's most requested songs, often used for community/parish/school celebrations, anniversaries and so on.


MOTHER MARY / Each verse addresses Mary by a different title: Mother of Jesus, Mother of Courage, Mother of Patience, Mother of Justice, Mother of Sorrows.


RESTING IN GOD / On prayer and the intimate presence of God.

LORD OF THE DANCE / Peter's version of the classic folk-hymn, written by Sydney Carter.


COMMENTS: "So lovely to listen to and easy to sing along with". (Liselle Thorburn)  

We used 'The Parting of the Ways' last year in our Graduation ceremony with great success. There was more than one damp eye in the congregation as our 6 graduating students stood before them and sang this song. (Judy)

We have been using your graduation song 'The Parting of the Ways' for quite a few years and my Year 7 students request its use year after year. They love it. It is most appropriate and they tell me it makes their Mums cry! (And quite often – their teacher!) A terrific endorsement from their point of view. (Denise)

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Song-Posts CD : Volume 1
  • Song-Posts CD : Volume 1

Song-Posts CD : Volume 1

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SONG-POSTS VOLUME ONE is a custom-produced CD containing fifteen tracks by Peter Kearney.

  1. Born Anew
  2. There Is a Quiet (on Mary MacKillop)
  3. All the World is Sacred
  4. We Welcome This Child
  5. John and Jesus
  6. Here's to You Mum and Dad
  7. Offering Song
  8. For the Common Good
  9. The Deaths Go On (Live)
  10. Song for the Educators
  11. Seasons of Life
  12. Celebrate Me Day
  13. The Magnificat / Mary's Song
  14. Always There Father Ted
  15. A King in Rags

Each custom-CD is individually produced. Fifteen tracks burned onto a high quality disc, which comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case. Front cover with illustration by Dorothy Woodward. Full track list on inside cover.

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Song-Posts CD : Volume 2
  • Song-Posts CD : Volume 2

Song-Posts CD : Volume 2

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SONG-POSTS VOLUME TWO is a custom-produced CD containing fifteen tracks by Peter Kearney from his Song-Post series.

  1. The Tenderest Time
  2. How Far to Bethlehem?
  3. At Christmas
  4. Parting of the Ways
  5. Rock of Ages / Uluru
  6. Hope for the Tree
  7. All Aboard the Ark
  8. L'Arche Prayer
  9. Ashes to Easter
  10. The Story We Share
  11. Islands of the Heart
  12. Joseph
  13. Mercy is One of God's Names
  14. The Man God Chose
  15. A Conversation

Each CD individually produced. Fifteen tracks burned onto a high quality disc. Disc comes in slimline plastic jewel-case. Front cover with illustration by Dorothy Woodward. Full track list printed on inside cover.

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Song-Posts CD : Volume 3
  • Song-Posts CD : Volume 3

Song-Posts CD : Volume 3

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SONG-POSTS VOLUME THREE is a custom-produced CD containing fifteen tracks by Peter Kearney from his Song-Post series.

  1. The Bridge Song
  2. My Name is Love
  3. Bright Pearl Shining Path
  4. God of the Mess
  5. I Could Not Make the Flowers Grow
  6. My Daughter My Son
  7. George Zabelka
  8. Signs of Hope
  9. Mother Mary
  10. Pentecost
  11. Don't Worry About Tomorrow
  12. Gypsies and Pilgrims
  13. Come Now Holy Spirit
  14. Heal Me Help Me Save Me
  15. Start from Where you Are

Each custom-CD is individually produced. Fifteen tracks burned onto a high quality disc, which comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case. Front cover with illustration by Dorothy Woodward. Full track list on inside cover.

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SONG-POSTS - Volume 4
  • SONG-POSTS - Volume 4
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A custom-CD compilation of 16 tracks that have been featured in Peter Kearney's song-posts series on the Bandcamp platform. The CD will come in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a black and white as shown. On the inside cover there will be a track-list. LYRICS for all songs will be provided by email as a pdf file attachment (no extra cost)..

TRACKLIST: 1. The Bellman’s Song / 2. To See the Light / 3. Lead Me to Hope / 4. Gathered for the Journey (For Vinnies) / 5. Father Mother God / 6. God is Good / 7. Percy Mumbulla / 8. Luke the Doctor / 9. Once a Shearer, Now a Shepherd / 10. Living in the Land of Australia / 11. Living in This Country / 12. The Year of God’s Favour / 13. Fill My House / 14. Child of the Morning / 15. Refugee Carol / 16. Then We Go in Your Peace /

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