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Peter Kearney's first collection especially for children. The CD cover booklet contains song lyrics. A popular and widely used album. Includes 'This Is Our School' which has been adopted by hundreds of Australian schools as a school song.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Celebration - CDRom: contains pdf files for melodies, lyrics, chords etc for tracks 1-11, 13-14.

TRACK LIST & Notes on the Songs

  1. Celebration / A song with a joyful swing - ideal as a Processional hymn.

  2. Peter Was A Fisherman / A question and answer song about those crucial time when Jesus' disciple said "no" or, more importantly, "yes".

  3. Mary When You Were a Girl / A simple ballad on the childhood of St. Mary MacKillop of Australia, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

  4. What's The News!? / In snappy 'media' style, witnesses (Peter, Mary, the Disciples) sing their reports on the resurrection of Jesus.

  5. Pentecost / The verses tell the story of Pentecost Sunday

  6. Thankyou God For Loving Me / A simple song written for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  7. Peacemaker / A song often used in preparation for Reconciliation.

  8. This is Our School / Adopted as a school song by hundreds of schools throughout Australia. [NB. The second verse includes a school name. Peter can do a special recording of the song to include YOUR school name. Place an order: https://peterkearneysongs.com.au/product/555791

  9. Joseph / A rare and useful song about St. Joseph.

  10. One More Step / A song children making the transition from Primary to Secondary school (other transitional occasions too)

  11. The Swan / Peter's setting of a child's poem.

  12. Take Me for a Ride in your Basin, Jason / A novelty song that children love.

  13. The Wee Tot / Guaranteed to raise howls of laughter. A song with a Scottish origin, playing on the double meaning of that little word 'wee'.

  14. Televisionland / Among children,Peter's most popular concert song - about a land where people watch television all the time.

  15. Football Crazy / A traditional song about Paul who is crazy about football.

  16. Together as One / A joyful song of gathering.

ORIGINAL FOREWORD BY GRAHAM ENGLISH Peter Kearney is a giver of gifts. For over twenty years Peter has been giving Australians his songs. At the beginning there was 'The Beatitudes', a melody now known by thousands. Since then, to those Christians involved in the struggle for peace and justice he has given two anthems 'Unless the Grain of Wheat Falls' and his 'Magnificat' (My Soul is Praising the Lord).

In the last few years Peter has travelled widely within Australia, from the Opera House in Sydney to parish halls in the most out-of-the way country towns giving pleasure and inspiration, singing his songs in concerts, teaching them in schools and leading people in meditating on the place of the Christian message in their lives. The music of Peter Kearney is always based on a desire for peace and justice and on an identification with the poor and the outcast. It is witness, too, to his belief that God has no cultural cringe. God is HERE, revealed, and always has been while ever there have been people in this vast, empty, quiet land and on the noisy, crowded coast most of us choose to occupy. That God is here is no news to the Aboriginal people. Peter Kearney's songs help to remind the rest.

Peter Kearney's songs owe much to European tradition; at the same time they touch Australian concerns in language and music we can understand. The songs in 'Celebration' are for children. They are intelligent songs, never coy. They are meant to be enjoyed. I hope that you accept Peter Kearney's invitation and celebrate with his songs.


This Is Our School - Custom recording to include your school name in verse 2. https://peterkearneysongs.com.au/product/555791

This Is Our School - Musical Parts Book (vocal and instrumental parts): https://peterkearneysongs.com.au/product/553818

Musical Resources CD: https://peterkearneysongs.com.au/product/555801 – Backing tracks & audio for musical parts as found in the This Is Our School - Musical Parts Book

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