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A simple reflective CD. Seven traditional Easter Carols. Four songs by the great English songwriter Sydney Carter (1915-2004 - the man who wrote 'Lord of the Dance'). Plus 'Ashes to Easter' by Peter Kearney and 'O Jesus Crucified' by Richard Connolly & James McAuley. Features an excellent trio of female vocalists (Catherine Mahony, Louise Cassidy, Claire Michael) with Peter's voice and guitar. The guitar played by Peter is a fine instrument, hand-made by Bill Kelday, a Scottish luthier

LYRICS: There is no music book for this album but those purchasing the CD will be provided with online access to the lyrics.


  1. The Bellman's Song (Traditional)

  2. And All in the Morning (Traditional)

  3. The Holly and the Berry (Traditional)

  4. Judas and Mary (Sydney Carter)

  5. Bitter Was the Night (Sydney Carter)

  6. Son of Man (Sydney Carter)

  7. Mary's Wandering (Traditional)

  8. Friday Morning (Sydney Carter)

  9. O Jesus Crucified (Richard Connolly & James McAuley)

  10. Love is Come Again (Traditional)

  11. Easter Eggs (Traditional)

  12. Ashes to Easter (Peter Kearney)

  13. The World Itself Keeps Easter Day (Traditional)

COMMENTS: "I have listened to 'Easter Carols' through twice and find it very powerful. I described it to a friend as "the stations of the Cross in music". The lyrics of these carols make me think outside the square. They pose questions and concepts for a Lenten journey. My son (17 years old) and I listened to Friday morning together in the car. His comment was "wow". But that is a big comment from a lad of few words". (Bronwyn)

"Thankyou for the CD of Easter Carols. You chose well and you present them with a beautiful simplicity. I especially treasure that simplicity in your treatment of ‘O Jesus Crucified’. Its words are beautifully direct and deserve to be to the fore. Thank you for understanding that in your performance, which is so true to them that one almost thinks twice about using that word ‘performance’ at all". (Richard)

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