Islands of the Heart - CD
  • Islands of the Heart - CD
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Fifteen tracks. Songs of the heart. Songs of justice and compassion. Stories in song.

TRACK LIST - Peter Kearney's notes on the songs:

  1. On a Day Like This / A bridge walk for reconciliation.

  2. Islands of the Heart / "Guided only by our longing, looking for a place to start- pilgrims are we all to the Islands of the Heart". A tribute to Ireland and other 'deeper homes'.

  3. Rise and Shine Road - A light-hearted song of life's journey.

  4. Here's To You, Mum and Dad / An affectionate tribute to my parents... and yours perhaps.

  5. Housewarming Song / An upbeat song.

  6. Nothing More, Nothing Less / A song of love, gratitude and fidelity.

  7. The Water of Life

  8. Window on the Stars / The story of Lieutenant William Dawes, astronomer with the First Fleet 1788.

  9. Once a Shearer, Now a Shepherd / A song with a suitably country feel - commissioned by his friends as an ordination gift for Mark Croker - late vocation, down-to-earth priest and reluctant prophet.

  10. Someone Knows My Name / A song for Amnesty International.

  11. Joy to the World, Jubilee / Protesting the 'murderous debt' carried by the world's poorest countries.

  12. Bright Pearl Shining Path / A ballad telling of the life and death (1991) of Irene McCormack, an Australian Josephite sister who went to work in Peru.

  13. Where To Now Edmund? / Conveying something the life and spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers

  14. The Harvest - An Offertory processional song. I have put music to words by Dawn Smith of Cowra.

  15. My Name Is Love / "My Name is Love and love is all I teach you. Believe me I can reach you if you only make My way."

COMMENTS: "An acoustic, strongly lyrical, folk-style album. Peter Kearney has a way to weave a musical story and the stories woven here are sure to lift the human spirit". (Rev. John Queripel - ‘Insights’ Magazine)

"The album feels like it's rooted in community. It is about basic and yet fundamental, invaluable, easily overlooked connections. An aptly named album because it is so warm". (Mary)

ALSO AVAILABLE - MUSIC BOOK: The 'Islands of the Heart' Music Book is still available. It contains melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes for all fifteen songs.

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