Signs of Hope - Custom CD
  • Signs of Hope - Custom CD
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Songs of hope in a contemporary context. Recorded with the 'Crossover' Group.

CUSTOM CD: This album was originally published as cassette-tape. It is now available as a custom-CD, individually produced. High quality discs are used. The disc comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs:

  1. John And Jesus / The justice message of John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus.

  2. To See The Light: / "God is like the sun, we were meant to come into the light."

  3. Signs Of Hope: / Based on the writings of Brazilian Bishop, Dom Helder Camara.

  4. My Daughter My Son / A song that is often used for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

  5. Black Is: / Peter's setting of poem of 'black pride' by Aboriginal poet, Maureen Watson.

  6. Start From Here / Jesus weeps over Jerusalem (Hiroshima, Sydney?).

  7. Love Is Not A Crime / A story of civil disobedience on Easter Sunday morning.

  8. George Zabelka / Telling the story of the Catholic Chaplain to the crews who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He later became a peace activist.

  9. All Aboard The Ark / A light-hearted celebration of the L'Arche communities which give a special welcome to intellectually disabled adults.

  10. Lead Me To Hope / Lead me to hope, love, faith and peace ... Ideal for congregational singing.

COMMENT: "These songs take on the grim realities of human oppression, the nuclear threat and environmental pollution but are themselves 'signs of hope'. The imagery is rich and stimulating and the tunes reflect the joy of a follower of St. Francis of Assisi." (Val Noone, Melbourne)

MUSIC - ALSO AVAILABLE: The 'Signs of Hope' Custom CD-Rom: Contains pdf files with melodies, chords & lyrics for the ten songs, plus background information on the songs.

ALTERNATIVE AUDIO: All ten songs from 'Signs of Hope' are included on MAKE ME A SONG... (The Best of 25 Years) a double cd compilation (36 tracks):

ALTERNATIVE MUSIC: Music notation for all ten songs is included with twenty-four other songs on MAKE ME A SONG CUSTOM CD-ROM.

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