The Common Good - CD
  • The Common Good - CD
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Mainly acoustic, folk style songs with strong lyrics. Songs with themes of social justice and compassion. Twelve tracks. Lyrics in cover booklet.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney:

  1. The Song Behind the Songs / Gathering up the longings of the human race as if into one great song.

  2. The Common Good / with lyrics that attempt a brief summary of Catholic social teaching.

  3. Mercy is One of God's Names

  4. God of the Mess / "God of the mess that we're in, you still bless us and feel every bump when we fall"" .

  5. We Welcome This Child / A song often used for baptisms.

  6. Father Mother God / A contemporary reflection of the Lord's Prayer.

  7. Highways and Byways / A jaunty account of the history and mission of the Missionary Sisters of Service - a small Australian order who answer "the call of those beyond".

  8. Still To Come The New Creation / "The Earth is groaning in the pain of giving birth".

  9. The Search / A poem with soundscape - a look at human history in and out of relationship with God.

  10. My Eye Has No More Tear / Looking at poverty and suffering in our world and asking 'why?'.

  11. I Could Not Make The Flowers Grow / Paul Smith wrote the words of this song shortly before his death. He was a homeless man.

  12. L'Arche Prayer / An adaptation of the beautiful prayer from the L'Arche communities which give welcome to people with intellectual disability.

COMMENTS: "These songs see the presence of God in the ordinary things of life. Peter Kearney brings such people as 'the man on the dole who drinks down defeat' (God of The Mess) into the orbit of the care of God. These are songs which are grounded in normal life. They recognise the pain and joys of life, common struggles and successes and the simple yearning of people to know where God is to be found. Whether a song of justice, the celebration of welcome for a new baby (We Welcome This Child) or a scathing critique of the human denial of God (The Search), these songs find me in the mess I call my normal life." (Rev. Dr. Kim Miller, Anglican Priest)

"We at Quakers Hill Catholic School found The Common Good a breath of fresh air. It bridges the gap between children's music and adult themes. Our children responded strongly to the messages of justice and the very real lyrics. (Maria Boyd)

ALSO AVAILABLE: 'THE COMMON GOOD' - MUSIC CD-ROM: The music book for this album is out-of-print but is still available in digital form. The CD-Rom contains pdf files for melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes for all songs in 'The Common Good' audio-cd,.

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