The Year of God's Favour? - Custom CD
  • The Year of God's Favour? - Custom CD
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A challenging album about Australia - the land, its people, its history, identity and spirituality. This folk-style album has a special concern for the suffering of Aboriginal people. Includes two prizewinning songs, 'The Deaths Go On' and 'Start From Where You Are'.

This album is available as a Custom-CD, individually produced using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs

  1. Rock Of Ages/Uluru / Symbols of hope and reconciliation for Australia.

  2. The Year Of God's Favour / From Isaiah 61 : 1-2.

  3. Hope For The Tree / Based on a homily by Pope John Paul II for a large gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders - Alice Springs 1986.

  4. Living In This Country / "Living in this country is like living with two souls: one is new and shiny, the other dark and old..."

  5. The Deaths Go On / On Aboriginal deaths in custody. This song was awarded the Declan Affley Memorial Award for the best new song at the Australian National Folk Festival.

  6. When The Morning Comes Again / A lullaby of hope in despair.

  7. Bill: An Australian 'Christ-figure'? . . . Peter's setting of a poem by Henry Lawson

  8. No More Boomerang / Phyl Lobl's setting of a poem by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker).

  9. Advertising Man: A scathing loo k at the advertising industry and consumerism.

  10. Letter From Risdon Prison / Based on a letter from Karin Donaldson, written while she was in Risdon Prison Hobart after being arrested during blockades to save the Franklin River.

  11. Start From Where You Are / A song of hope and encouragement.

  12. The Promised Land / A prayer in the context of Australian history.

COMMENT: "The Year Of God's Favour? is more than just a well produced album of quality songs. At a time when Australians grappling with questions left unanswered for over 200 years, this album presents a perspective that is founded in Gospel values of justice, compassion and hope." (Br. Peter Green)


THE YEAR OF GOD'S FAVOUR? - MUSIC BOOK: Contains music, chords, lyrics & background notes for all 12 songs.

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