Where Is Your Song My Lord? - Custom CD
  • Where Is Your Song My Lord? - Custom CD
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Peter's best-selling album ever. Includes his best known compositions 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes', also the well-loved hymn 'Where is Your Song my Lord?', recorded live at the Sydney Opera House.

This album is available as a custom-CD, individually produced'using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a slimline plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney

  1. The Song Of The Lord's Travellers / Telling the Exodus story and relating it to our own lives.

  2. Come To Me / "Come all of you here who are weary and I will give you all the rest you need".

  3. Good You Were / Whatever you do for the least of little ones, you do for me.

  4. A Conversation / Based on the story of the disciples meeting the stranger on the road to Emmaus.

  5. Resurrection / An Easter song with images of the seasons.

  6. The Beatitudes / "Blessed are the poor in spirit..." Originally published in 1966.

  7. Good Morning Good People! (The Greeting of St. Francis) / This song is also the title song of Peter Kearney's folk-oratorio 'Good Morning Good People! (St. Francis of Assisi- A Journey in Song).

  8. Martha and Mary / The active and the reflective - two sisters and two sides of each one of us.

  9. Fill My House / "Fill my house unto the fullest. Eat my bread and drink my wine..." Peter's best known song/ hymn, originally published in 1966.

  10. A King In Rags / The poverty of Jesus - born in a stable, slept by the roadside, numbered with thieves.

  11. Where Is Your Song My Lord? / Recorded live at the Sydney Opera House with choir and small orchestra.

COMMENTS: "Unlike most contemporary liturgical music around, these songs are genuinely folk songs and as such have their own special appeal. I recommend them for your parish folk group, for your school, for your retreat team or for your own personal prayer." (Fr Kevin Bates SM)

"They are in no way instant songs, quickly learned and as quickly forgotten. Words and music together take root gently but firmly and grow to become part of people's very lives. They have been used in liturgy, in hospital, in prayer groups, in school assemblies. They express the gladness and sorrow, the hope and anxiety of every human heart. Try them and you will see." (Sr. Eileen Carroll, UK)

ALSO AVAILABLE: WHERE IS YOUR SONG MY LORD? CD-ROM: Contains pdf files for melodies, chords, piano arrangements and lyrics for all songs.

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