Good Morning Good People (1994) - DVD
  • Good Morning Good People (1994) - DVD
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ST, FRANCIS OF ASSISI - A JOURNEY IN SONG. The 1994 Mittagong concert heard on the double-CD ‘Good Morning Good People’, was filmed.

In response to requests, a DVD has been made available for purchase.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: On a necessarily small budget, a company was employed to film the concert. The results were not ideal. It is noticeable on the DVD that one of the cameras used was better than the other. Though a script was provided in advance the camera operators sometimes missed the relevant ‘action’. In editing, available video sequences were assembled to the best possible effect, but this is still far from a glossy, professional film-production.

Despite limitations this DVD is, and will remain the best and only visual record of ‘Good Morning Good People’ in its full-scale communal performances as seen and heard in the premiere season of 1994.

The DVD is arranged into ‘chapters’. The viewer can watch the whole performance (Part One 55 minutes, followed by Part Two 65 minutes) or use the menu to choose particular sequences of song and narration.

Each custom-DVD is individually produced using a high quality disc. It comes with printed disc label, contained in a black slimline dvd case with colour cover insert.

GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE (1994): The premiere season of ‘Good Morning Good People’ was in Peter Kearney’s hometown of Mittagong, New South Wales. Peter sang the part of Francis, Claire Parkhill sang the Lady Poverty and St. Clare. A masked Helen Archer powerfully delivered ‘The Leper’s Song’. Narrators were David Shapiro and Wendy McMahon-Bell. Before capacity audiences of 500-plus ’Good Morning Good People’ wove Peter’s songs and music through the story of the major turning points in the life of St Francis of Assisi. Choir and orchestra, with members ranging in age from 10 to 70, were drawn from many sections of the local community. After three successful performances in November 1994, the group gathered again in the following year for four concerts including one at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta and another at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. Since then, there have been many small-scale performances of Good Morning Good People, but the early large-scale communal performances remain a special memory for all involved.

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