GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE. Illustrated Script. A4 Book.
  • GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE. Illustrated Script. A4 Book.
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A4 BOOK - 48 PAGES. Complete text of narration and songs as heard on the 'Good Morning Good People' 1994 double-CD / DVD. Full colour cover. Black/ white ILLUSTRATIONS by DOROTHY WOODWARD.

Dorothy's drawings illustrate various stages of the story of St. Francis of Assisi, as told in Peter's major work 'Good Morning Good People' (1994 version). Though it was not feasible to do a large print-run of this book, Peter is delighted to make available these laser-printed A4 books.

Ideal for following the two-hour musical narrative / journey-in-song that is 'Good Morning Good People'

Dorothy Woodward and Peter Kearney have been friends more than twenty five years. Dorothy is a Sister of St. Joseph of the Lochinvar congregation and she is a gifted artist. Her artworks include stain-glass window designs, painted crosses, murals and tapestry designs. They can be seen all around the Maitland-Newcastle region of New South Wales, Australia ... and beyound. For many years Dorothy provided beautiful drawings for the Catholic Schools Office and its religious-education curriculum. Then she became a freelance full-time artist. I have been fortunate to have Dorothy's artwork enhancing several of my publications.

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