Song-Posts CD : Volume 3
  • Song-Posts CD : Volume 3

Song-Posts CD : Volume 3

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SONG-POSTS VOLUME THREE is a custom-produced CD containing fifteen tracks by Peter Kearney from his Song-Post series.

  1. The Bridge Song
  2. My Name is Love
  3. Bright Pearl Shining Path
  4. God of the Mess
  5. I Could Not Make the Flowers Grow
  6. My Daughter My Son
  7. George Zabelka
  8. Signs of Hope
  9. Mother Mary
  10. Pentecost
  11. Don't Worry About Tomorrow
  12. Gypsies and Pilgrims
  13. Come Now Holy Spirit
  14. Heal Me Help Me Save Me
  15. Start from Where you Are

Each custom-CD is individually produced. Fifteen tracks burned onto a high quality disc, which comes in a slimline plastic jewel-case. Front cover with illustration by Dorothy Woodward. Full track list on inside cover.

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