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Article on Peter Kearney by Tracey Edstein This article, 'In tune with the Holy Spirit' was published in the Summer 2018 edition of Australian Catholics. Two pages. 566 KB
Good Morning Good People - Short History of a Long Project Peter's account of how his musical-narrative on the life of St. Francis of Assisi, came to be written over many years and eventually be performed at venues in Australia, Ireland and the U.K. Five pages. 94.9 KB
Full catalogue of Peter's music & a-v publications Listing CDs and DVDs that are available from Peter. Orders can be placed by phone, mail or online. 374 KB
Five DVDs - Peter's Camino walks, also in Ireland and Australia. "The photography, background music and Peter's narration really make me feel a part of the walks". (Margaret) / "Music, image, reflection, history, connection - so much pulled together for us to enjoy". (Keith) 875 KB


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Peter has gradually been posting his songs online using the Bandcamp platform.  The series has been growing since July 2019. At time of writing 105 songs have been posted. The song will often relate to a feast day, a season or topical theme. Some tracks have been published for the first time through Song-Posts - for example, a song Peter wrote for the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  LINK: Gathered for the Journey

Through the Bandcamp site you can listen to a song, see its lyrics, background information and some data re resources relevant to that song - PDF music, CDs etc. 

The main aim of Song-Posts is to give Peter's songs a hearing - unfamiliar songs perhaps as well as old favourites. The range of songs posted is broad – some liturgical, some not ... mainly for adults, some for children, some songs touching on social-justice themes or telling the stories of worthy people. 

Not every 'song-post' will be a winner for you, but there will always a different song coming up, while the project lasts. All songs posted are available for use, all registered with the One License licensing scheme for parishes, schools and other institutions.

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Walking 'The  Beara Way’ - Ireland 2022

In August 2022, Peter completed a 10-day walk around the Beara Peninsula in SW Ireland. He walked 150km through some beautiful, rugged, quite remote terrain, resting at night in colourful villages. To see Peter's photos and text describing the walk, click on the links below to view his blog about the walk. (The Beara Way is the most recent in a series of walks Peter has completed over the past eleven years. See also the DVDs page on this website or the section at the foot of this page).

The Beara Way - Part One

The Beara Way - Part Two


In recent years Peter has combined two interests - walking and photography - to create DVDs that weave music with his narration and photographs. He has walked two 700km+ sections of the pilgrimage paths known as the Camino de Santiago (to the burial place of St. James the Apostle in north-west Spain).

Five of Peter's walk DVDs are available: (click on links for more information).

  1. Walking the Camino (Spain) 
  2. Ultreia - a Camino in France 
  3. Surprising Ireland, Deeper Home
  4. The Kerry Way (Ireland)
  5. Side Tracks of the Southern Highlands (Australia)

Peter walking the Camino in Spain


  • Peter Kearney has been called "a pioneer in contemporary religious song". His earliest hymns 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes' became internationally known and are still widely sung. From 1982 Peter made music his work. As well as writing and publishing he has toured in all Australian states ... and overseas in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the USA to present his workshops and concerts.
  • Fifteen albums of his songs and hymns have been published. He has written for adults and for children and his compositions are included in many hymnals. Several of his titles including Where Is Your Song, my Lord? are included in the 'As One Voice' hymnal. His 'This Is Our School' has been adopted as a school song by hundreds of Australian schools.
  • Peter's earthy songs of justice and peace have been recognised as a distinctive contribution to the modern Church. Many of his songs were inspired through a long friendship with Fr. Ted Kennedy. Fr. Kennedy was priest at St. Vincent's Parish, Redfern in Sydney for 30-years and in that time was known as a fierce advocate and great friend for Aboriginal people. Peter was only nineteen when he first met Ted, who was then the Catholic Chaplain at Sydney University. It was at that time, with Ted's encouragement that Peter wrote 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes'.


Ted Kennedy in the 1970s 

  • The 'big work' of Peter's creative life Good Morning Good People, a musical-narrative on the life of St. Francis of Assisi, has been presented all over Australia. There have also been over forty GMGP concerts in the United Kingdom and Ireland.