All the World is Sacred - CD
  • All the World is Sacred - CD
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An album with special appeal for children and those who are young at heart. Sixteen enjoyable folk-style songs for faith-education and celebration. Reflective songs on a variety of themes. A couple of songs just for fun.

TRACK LIST and notes on the songs by Peter Kearney

  1. Come Let us Sing / 'And when we 're singing we're praying".

  2. All The World Is Sacred / "This world is holy, hallelujah. Surely all the world is sacred in my eye."

  3. All Thank God / Fun to sing. Naming many unique Australian creatures.

  4. When I Pray / Where, when and why we pray.

  5. The True Magician / Not about trickery but 'true magic'. I wrote this song after reading 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson-Burnett.'

  6. Jesus Laughed / A light-hearted song."Who were the friends of Jesus when he walked upon the Earth?"

  7. I'm a Birdy / Just for fun.

  8. Looking For The Seed / Celebrating the great potential of each person. "Earth is the soil. God is the sun. I am the seed."

  9. Living In The Land Of Australia / Celebrating tolerance and diversity in multicultural Australia.

  10. Mary In Black / A dramatic song telling three episodes in the life of Mary MacKillop.

  11. Who's That?! / How do we treat each other in school? A light-hearted way to look at some behaviours that detract from a happy environment.

  12. Dry Bones / A lively setting of the message of the prophet Ezekiel, comparing people who don't love to 'dry bones'.

  13. Rain In The Air / Fun to sing. Playing with sounds and words.

  14. A Bridge In The Sky / The rainbow is a favourite symbol for children . A song of hope.

  15. The Christ Child Lay / A setting of the beautiful poem by G.K.Chesterton. A song for Christmas.

  16. Then We Go In Your Peace / A prayer-song, ideal for Reconciliation or as Recessional

COMMENTS: "It is refreshing to find a CD such as 'All The World Is Sacred' in which just about every song has a use in the classroom and school. (Susanne Schmidt)

"What a truly spirit-stirring, prayerful collection of songs - greatly loved by children and teacher!” (Meg)

"Yet again, Peter Kearney has presented us with a gift of music and lyrics with a universal message against a vibrant Australian mural. When I use one of these songs to support my lesson, it's like adding splashes of colour to a black and white sketch". (Carmel)

"Beautifully alive ... resonates with with rhythm and richness of an Australian spirituality ... A great teaching resource easily used and adapted to many themes." (Bernadette)

MUSIC - ALSO AVAILABLE: The 'All the World is Sacred' -Custom CD Rom: contains pdf files for all song melodies, lyrics, chords and background notes (no audio). The original music book is out-of-print but can still be obtained in this digital form.

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