Good Morning Good People! -  Double-CD (1994)
  • Good Morning Good People! -  Double-CD (1994)

Good Morning Good People! - Double-CD (1994)

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ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI - A JOURNEY IN SONG A cycle of seventeen songs with musical and narrative links. It tells the life-story of St Francis of Assisi in a deep yet entertaining way . A live recording of a concert during the premiere season, Mittagong 1994. Features narrators (David Shapiro and Wendy McMahon Bell), solo singers (Peter Kearney, Claire Parkhill, Helen Archer) with community choir and orchestra. In two parts - total duration two hours. The CD comes with booklet of song lyrics.

ALSO AVAILABLE AS: DVD - Good Morning Good People 1994: lLLUSTRATED SCRIPT - Good Morning Good People 1994

TRACK LIST: DISC ONE / 01 Introduction / 02 The Welcome Song / 03 Narrative Song 1 - Birth / 04 Narrative Song 1 - The Dream / 05 The Changes Song / 06 Narrative Song 3 - The Cave / 07 Cave Music / 08 Who Shall I Trust? / 09 The Leper's Song / 10 Francis and the Lady Poverty / 11 Good Morning Good People! / 12. The Mountain Song

TRACK LIST - DISC TWO / 01 On the Mountain / 02 The Valley People's Song / 03 Clare's Song / 04 Sister Bird / 05 The Minstrels of God / 06 The Wolf of Gubbio / 07 Make Me an Instrument / 08 The Shadow Song / 09 La Verna / 10 Canticle of the Sun / 11 Good Morning Good People_2 / 12 The Dance Goes On

SYNOPSIS: After introductory music and 'The Welcome Song', we hear of the lively youth, his ideals, his imprisonment following capture in a local war. 'The Changes Song' tells of depression following his release, his solitary searching for meaning. Then, the challenge and discovery of God through an encounter with a leper in 'The Leper's Song'.

His embracing of the leper leads on to the adoption of a radically simple lifestyle, symbolised in his betrothal to the 'Lady Poverty'. He discovers his mission to bring news of God's Kingdom to the people. This is announced with energy and joy in the song 'Good Morning Good People!'. Others are inspired to join him in his way of life. The first half closes with 'The Mountain Song'. Francis and his brothers are lifted up in their newfound love of God.

An important theme of the second half is the tension Francis feels between 'Mountain' (the joys of solitude and contemplation) and 'Valley' (active involvement in ordinary life). Unable to decide what is his way, Francis trusts the decision to the prayers and discernment of Clare. The issue and the special relationship between them is explored in a song that Clare sings to Francis.

Directed to the Valley, Francis sings farewell to Sister Bird ('bird of my soul') and goes down to the troubled world of the Valley People, entering into dialogue with them in 'The Circle Song'. He comes up against desperate, hard-headed, hard-hearted forces in 'The Wolf of Gubbio' and 'The Shadow song'. Troubles follow from the rapid growth of the Order.

Eventually, 'wounded and weary' he follows the path of suffering to the mountain of 'La Verna' where the experience manifested in the stigmata takes place. The account of his final months is interwoven with the 'Canticle of the Sun' and a reprise of 'Good Morning Good People!'


"Cleverly written and produced, each turning point in the life of St. Francis of Assisi is masterfully executed. (Highland Post)

"Good Morning Good People tells the story of Francis in an authentic and inspiring manner, and for me it was a spiritual experience. Peter Kearney has immersed himself in the life of Francis and captured the essence of Franciscan spirituality. His lyrics reflect his depth of understanding and spiritual insight." (Pina - Secular Franciscan)

"I value the way it cuts through all the sentimentality about Francis that seems to have accumulated over the centuries. It is like seeing through to the person, Francis, with all his disturbing, challenging and vulnerable faces. There is so much here that is refreshing and inspiring."(Joan Saboisky)

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