Growing in God - Custom CD
  • Growing in God - Custom CD
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Eighteen all-age folk-style songs for faith-education, prayer and reflection. Suitable for school and parish liturgies and special occasions such as graduation and confirmation.

This album is available as a Custom-CD, individually produced using a high-quality disc. Supplied in a plastic jewel-case with a colour cover (featuring the original album artwork), track list, album credits etc.

TRACK LIST and Notes on the Songs

  1. Opening / Trumpets as prelude to Track 2 - a Celtic prayer-song.

  2. Trinity of Love / Like a Sign-of-the-Cross in song - easily learned by all ages.

  3. Jesus Our Brother and Friend

  4. Jesus Was a Storyteller / A friendly presentation of the parables of 'The Prodigal Son' and the 'Good Shepherd'.

  5. We Are God's Family / Suitable as a gathering song. Verse one deals with the 'Emmaus' journey and verse two with 'Pentecost'.

  6. Offering Song / Could be sung during Offertory procession.

  7. Love is My Only Law / Based on the 'one commandment' of Jesus: "To love the Lord your God and your neighbour as yourself".

  8. Born Anew / A song written at the same time as 'Fill My House' and 'The Beatitudes'. Recorded here for the first time.

  9. This Is a Sacrament / Four Sacraments - their symbols and significance: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist & Confirmation.

  10. Seven Gifts of the Spirit / An stirring song (suitable for procession & liturgical movement) suggesting the awesome coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

  11. Ashes to Easter / A rare Lenten song, anticipating Easter.

  12. The Story we Share / One of Peter's most requested songs, often used for community/parish/school celebrations, anniversaries and so on.

  13. Simon, Son of John / This recording was heard originally on Peter's 'Turn it All Around' album (1984). A simple song: three questions from Jesus and three answers from Peter.

  14. Mother Mary / Each verse addresses Mary by a different title: Mother of Jesus, Mother of Courage, Mother of Patience, Mother of Justice, Mother of Sorrows.

  15. Parting of the Ways (Graduation Song) / Ffor use at those important end-of-year Graduation celebrations & Masses . The verses are sung by the students who are leaving while the choruses are sung by the farewelling community: ie. teachers, parents & younger students.

  16. Walking on the Path / This could also be a graduation song. Older students especially enjoy singing this one.

  17. Resting in God / On prayer and the intimate presence of God. "Resting in God, resting in silence."

  18. Take Me for a Ride in your Basin, Jason / A fun song - very popular in Peter's concerts.

  19. Televisionland / Making fun of a land where people watch television all the time.

  20. Lord of the Dance / Peter's version of the classic folk-hymn, written by Sydney Carter.

  21. Together as One / A song of gathering and celebration, ideal for the start of Mass or any important occasion.

COMMENTS: "So lovely to listen to and easy to sing along with". (Liselle Thorburn)  

We used 'The Parting of the Ways' last year in our Graduation ceremony with great success. There was more than one damp eye in the congregation as our 6 graduating students stood before them and sang this song. (Judy)

We have been using your graduation song 'The Parting of the Ways' for quite a few years and my Year 7 students request its use year after year. They love it. It is most appropriate and they tell me it makes their Mums cry! (And quite often – their teacher!) A terrific endorsement from their point of view. (Denise)




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