Good Morning Good People! - Double CD (2013)
  • Good Morning Good People! - Double CD (2013)
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ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI - A MUSICAL NARRATIVE. This is the small-scale presentation of 'Good Morning Good People!' that was developed through more than a hundred performances in Australia, Ireland and the U.K. It is an excellent recording of a concert in Bowral June 2013.

Peter Kearney narrates, plays guitar and sings. Catherine Mahony sings the parts of St. Clare, the Leper and Lady Poverty and adds lovely harmonies throughout. Roma Dix's flute dances between.

In recent years, many have enjoyed the 'small-scale' version of GMGP for its clarity and focus, its intimate, reflective atmosphere, and for stories it tells of Francis that were not included in the 1994 version.

This new CD becomes a 'companion album' to the original GOOD MORNING GOOD PEOPLE (1994) CD: which recorded the 'large scale' presentation featuring a cast of 60+ including two narrators, various soloists, community choir and orchestra.

TRACK LIST : DISC ONE / 01. Introduction / 02. A dancer on wounded feet / 03. The Welcome Song / 04. From earliest days / 05. The Dream / 06. Changes Song / 07. His world turned grey / 08. Who Shall I Trust / 09. The Leper’s Song / 10. The turning point of his life / 11. Francis and the Lady Poverty / 12. The Gospel is heard / 13. Good Morning Good People! / 14. So Francis came to Assisi / 15. First companions - Rome / 16. The Mountain Song /

TRACK LIST - DISC TWO / 01. On the Mountain / 02. The Valley People’s Song / 03. Clare’s Song / 04. Francis and Clare / 05. Sister Bird / 06. Your gift is for others / 07. The Minstrels of God / 08. The Wolf of Gubbio / 09. Francis and the Sultan / 10. Troubles in the Order / 11. Make Me an Instrument / 12. The Shadow Song / 13. La Verna / 14. And he sang in his pain / 15. Canticle of the Sun / 16. Conclusion

BACKGROUND NOTES by Peter Kearney: ‘Good Morning Good People’ has been the 'big work' of my creative life. In the early 1970s, after reading a book on Francis, I wrote the title song. Over many years, more songs were written. By 1994 I had completed scores for orchestra and choir and a narrative text. A cast of sixty or more presented several concerts in Mittagong, Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle. The first double-CD (1994) recorded that large scale version - a special time impossible to repeat.

‘Good Morning Good People’ has continued, in a different way, through over a hundred ‘small scale’ performances in Australia, Ireland and the UK. The narrative script has evolved in my own voice and with new stories. The orchestra has become Roma Dix’s flute and my guitar. Catherine Mahony has honed her solos and harmonies through many rehearsals and concerts. My thanks to Roma and Catherine and a generous patron, a lover of Franciscan spirituality, for making possible this second double-CD of ‘Good Morning Good People’. (Peter Kearney)

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